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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Charles Bizek

CHARLES BIZEK, another son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bizek, who has been in the service of his country over a year and a half, reached his twenty-second birthday in July of this year. He enrolled in this city during
the registration of June 5th, 1917, but the first of the following month the fever to do something for his country prompted him to enlist as he did not want to wait for his draft call. We are unable to give the complete information in regard to the camps in this country to which he was sent, but nevertheless for about four months he was stationed near Syracuse, N. Y., and no doubt it was from this camp that he was finally ordered overseas. His safe arrival in due time was announced by the government officials, and the next communication to relatives in this city, was to the effect that he had been in actual fighting. This was without a doubt followed by many encounters with the enemy, all of which he came out of alive and well, having written to friends in this city under date of November 19th. He has taken a very active part in the world war and will have many thrilling experiences to relate upon his return to this community.

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