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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Argus Frutchey

ARGUS FRUTCHEY, who for a number of years has made this city his home, having been employed in the lunch room owned by Mary Burian, was among the first of the young men from this city to enlist in the army
when this country declared war against Germany. He went to Davenport and enlisted, being later sent to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, where he remained for only about a month and was then sent to Washington, D. C. Considerable training was received at this place, but the final training was undergone at a camp near Mt. Vernon, Va. Shortly after Thanksgiving day, a year ago, he boarded a transport for overseas, his safe arrival in France being announced officially in due time. He was one of the first American boys to get into the fighting, and since that time has seen a great deal of the heavy fighting in the front line trenches. The last letter to have been received from him was under date of November 7th, and at that time he was well and getting along nicely, notwithstanding his long service, which has been duly recognized. Art, while in this city, became a member of the local Fire Company, and it is through the courtesy of this company that we are able to present his picture herewith. We were unable to obtain a picture of his mother, who resides at Savanna. His father died a few years ago. Art will be welcomed to this city upon his return.

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