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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Frank E. Millard

FRANK E. MILLARD, of Cedar Rapids, who for some time was employed by the C. M. & St. P. Railway Co., making this city his headquarters, therefore being claimed as one of our boys, enlisted in the navy shortly after the United States entered the war. He was immediately sent to Norfolk, Va., but in a very short time was transferred to New York and was assigned to the U. S. S. Munaires. Frank has been awarded two gold rating stripes for service rendered in lessening the danger from submarines. He has been in the navy since November 28, 1917, and has made four trips to France, and one trip from France to Portugal, serving as second then first class machinist, and then as machinist’s mate on the U. S. S. Munaires. He is now attending a steam engineering school at Pelham Bay, N. Y. Following this course he will be sent to Brooklyn, where those who successfully complete the course will be commissioned as officers. He is expecting to make several more trips across in the work of bringing back the troops before being released from service. He is hoping to again resume his position as a locomotive engineer for the C. M. & St. P., after his return to civilian life, as he says that he finds himself becoming lonesome for that work. Both the parents of this young man are dead, the father having been killed about two years ago by a tractor engine. Since that time he has made his home with a sister at Cedar Rapids.

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