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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

E. A. Grimwood’s
OXFORD JUNCTION’S drug store owned and operated by E. A. Grimwood, known as Grimwood’s Pharmacy, whose display ad appears on this page, is one of the very best to be found in this part of the state in a town the size of our little city. This community considers itself very fortunate in the fact that this establishment is located in our midst and comprises one of the town’s business houses. It is the aim of the proprietor at all times to carry a complete line of drugs, patent medicines of standard quality, all sorts of druggist sundries, toilet articles, stationery, wall paper, window shades and paints; in fact all supplies that are usually found in a first class general drug store. The store is well known for its complete stock in every line, and the proprietor being skilled in the compounding of drugs enjoys a patronage such as is seldom found in a town the size of Oxford.
His holiday trade is exceptionally large, as the line of Christmas gifts that he has on display is of such a pleasing variety that many people in the community go to this store to make their gift selections. By a careful perusal of the accompanying ad you will be able to obtain a fair idea of opportunities for Christmas shopping. In this line as well as every other you are urged to make your selections early, as many articles are very hard to get this year and the early buyer has the choice.
Mr. Grimwood, who came to this city in 1887, was first employed as an assistant to Dr. G. R. Moore with whom he was later connected in the business as a partner. After the big fire in 1898, when the store building was destroyed as well as the stock of goods, he erected a new building in which his business is now located on Broadway. During the many years that he has been in business in this city much of his time and interests have been devoted to the welfare of the community, taking a leading part in all the public activities.

As often stated his nature and qualifications make of him a social leader and a generous supporter of all movements tending toward the improvement of the city and community. When our country entered the world war there was a great demand for man power aside from those in the army. Men who would give of their time freely, without recompense whatsoever. Mr. Grimwood was one of the first to offer his services, and his willingness to serve in any capacity has caused to be placed upon his shoulders many burdens of a local nature. He was appointed by the county chairman as the local chairman of the War Service Board, which has meant a great deal of work and considerable time spent away from his business. In this capacity, it was necessary for him with the assistance of those in this city who volunteered to aid in the work, to see that Oxford township subscribed her quota in each loan drive, which was accomplished with a big margin over the top. He was also appointed a local fuel and food administrator. The latter has meant a great deal of work and very few people realize just how much he neglected his business to perform these duties for the Government. Aside from those mentioned he has also taken an active part in every undertaking that has been in any way connected with the United States war program.
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