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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Chris. A. Pegorek

CHRIS. A. PEGOREK, son of Mrs. Kate Pegorek, who lives north of this city, was summoned last February by the Government under the draft, and reported at Anamosa February 28, after being duly honored in this city, when a big community meeting was held at the Fern Theatre in honor of the boys, eight in number, who were to leave at that time. From Anamosa he was sent to Camp Dodge the following day, where he received his early military training. Later he was transferred to Camp Houston, Texas. After some time spent
at this southern camp he was sent to Camp Upton, Long Island, N. Y., from which place he went overseas, arriving in France July 2nd, of this year. Letters from him to relatives and friends in this city and vicinity stated that he has seen considerable of the fighting in France. We have no definite dates at hand in regard to when he went into action for the first time. Nevertheless we are positive that he gave a good account of himself wherever he happened to be.

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