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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Edward Benischek

ANOTHER family in this township that has been called upon to furnish two sons for Uncle Sams fighting forces, is that of Mr. and Mrs. John Benischek. Edward Benischek, the first of the two sons to be called, was summoned in the draft of April 26th and with the other boys reported at Anamosa on that date, to be immediately sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa, where he was assigned to Supply Co. M. O. T. C. He received considerable training here, but was later transferred to Ft. Riley, Kansas. All the information that we have at hand in regard to his service for his country, is the same that has been the outcome with many of the young men who were anxious to get overseas, and that for some unaccountable
reason they were held in the camps in this country. He was not transferred from Ft. Riley, and no doubt will be mustered out of the service from that place. His age is recorded as 23 years having been born October 6, 1895. At the time of being called into the service he was employed as a mail carrier at Anamosa, and where the home was made. Previous to accepting this position he was engaged as a mail clerk on the main line.

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