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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Louis Hodoval

LOUIS HODOVAL, another son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hodoval, of this city, was born September 22, 1900. He attended the local schools from which he graduated with the class this year. In connection with his
graduation, a fact that is indeed worthy of mention, is that he was the first graduate from the local high school having received a free scholarship after the school was placed on the accredited list. This entitled him to attend school at the University. When the Government announced that boys between the ages of eighteen and twenty would be allowed to enlist in the service, he was one of the first to apply, and October 1st of this year found him enrolled as a member of the S. A. T. C., at Iowa City. Although they are to be mustered out of the service this month he will complete the school year. Jos. Hodoval, another son in this family, deserves of mention along with the other soldier boys from this township. He was one of the first to be called, having been summoned in the September draft of 1917. With the contingent from this county, he went to Camp Dodge, where he quickly grasped the work of drilling to such an extent that he was promoted and later was given another promotion to that of Sergeant. From Camp Dodge he was sent to Camp Pike, Arkansas. In the meantime his questionnaire had been before the local and district boards, who recalled him, having placed him in Class 2. He was given an honorable discharge and returned home to await his call in order. Joe regretted this fact very much.

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