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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Gilbert Pavelka

GILBERT PAVELKA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pavelka, has made the supreme sacrifice, giving his life on the battlefields of France. Thus came the sad message to the parents in this city Monday evening, December 9th, from the officials at Washington, D. C., stating that he had been killed in action September 29, over two months having elapsed since he so nobly gave his young life to his country. Over a month ago a rumor was circulated in this community that he had been killed. The information was given out thru a letter written from one of his company companions, which was received in this city, giving the same date as has finally been confirmed by the Government. The relatives of the young man immediately got in
communication with the officials at Washington but were unable to learn whether or not the report was true. The fond mother, who has anxiously awaited some news from her son, and other relatives, have the sympathy of the entire community. Gilbert, who was born February 6th, 1894, on the farm about six miles west of this city, where he remained almost continuously, was called in the draft of February 23rd of this year, and upon reporting at Anamosa, was sent to Camp Dodge, where he received his early training. He was later transferred to Camp Seivers, S. C., but in a short time was sent to Camp Merritt, N. J. He was again transferred to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and from here he departed for overseas about the first of May this year, going direct to France. Some time was devoted to training in the foreign country and then he was sent to the front line trenches, about the middle of September. He was with the American division in the St. Mihiel Sector, where a great deal of the heavy fighting occurred, and it was here that he fell in action. The entire community mourns the death of this young man who so nobly made the supreme sacrifice. He rests in Flanders Fields, where with all due military honors his body has been returned to earth. His lifes work has been accomplished in only a few short years and he has been called Home.

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