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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Ed Shedek

MRS. JOHN SHEDEK, is among the mothers in this community, who was called upon to furnish two sons for Uncle Samís forces. Besides the one mentioned above, another son, Ed Shedek, who was born July 28th,
1892, was called into the service May 15th, 1918, and reported at Anamosa, being sent immediately to Camp Dodge. He was employed in the state of Indiana at the time of the registration and at first supposed that he would have to return to that place when his call came, but the board had him transferred to this place and he was sent to Camp Dodge, as stated above, where he remained for a short tine and then went to Camp Pike, Arkansas. He remained here but a short period, being then transferred to Pennsylvania and then on to Camp Merritt, N. J., where he remained for a brief rest and boarded a transport for overseas about the middle of July. The middle of October found him in the thickest of the fighting, although not in the front line trenches, as he was attached to a hospital ambulance corp. Both of these boys have willingly taken up the fight for their country and we only hope for the motherís sake and for the sake of the formerís wife that they may soon be returned. Both boys have a host of friends, who will join in welcoming them home.

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