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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Gabriel J. Bees

WILLINGNESS to serve ones country and being accepted for this same service is two different stories. Such was the case with Gabriel J. Bees, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bees, who was born in this city February 25, 1893. In September, 1917, the first draft call was made for men from this township. Gabe was one of the men called to Anamosa for examination, but was rejected owing to the condition of his eyes. Shortly after this he received his questionnaire, and although not claiming exemption therein, was placed in Class 2. During the re-classification he was placed in Class 1 A, July 9th, of this year. Again he was ordered to appear at Anamosa, for examination with the same result
that he was rejected, but this time being placed in the Limited Service, Class A 1. He returned to this city and was continuing with his merchandise business when he was summoned August 30th, and sent to Camp Dodge, where he was assigned to one of the canteens as steward, having charge of the work in the canteen almost entirely, and remained at this work until mustered out November 25th, when he immediately returned home. While at Camp Dodge he had been chosen for officers training in the Czecho-Slovak Legion, with the assurance of being sent to Camp Lee, Va. The signing of the armistice put an end to this possibility, as well as his army career.

update: G. J. Bees holds the distinction of being the first soldier boy from this city mustered out of the service. He was called into the limited service and sent to Camp Dodge, where he was assigned to a canteen as steward. His name was among the first to be called, receiving an honorable discharge November 25th, 1918, and returned to his home in this city the following day.

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