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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

A. Stratilek
& Sonís Store
Presented herewith is a display ad of the A. Stratilek & Sonís store, the pioneer merchandise store in this city. In reading over the ad you will quickly come to the conclusion that they have prepared for this Christmas season by stocking their shelves with such articles that are found the most appropriate and useful as Christmas gifts.
The mercantile establishment enjoys the distinction of being the pioneer business concern in this city. It was founded in 1874 by the senior member of the present firm, which now consists of A. Stratilek and son, Otto. The store first opened its doors on the north side of the street and consisted only of a staple dry goods and grocery store. As business developed to the point where it was necessary to have more room, he moved to the south side of the street, to the present location. The store now covers almost every department of the general mercantile business, in addition to which they buy poultry and eggs very extensively. The poultry is dressed and sent to the markets, while the eggs are candled and graded before being shipped. This part of the business is entirely under the management of the younger member of the firm, who also during the past number of years has had the general supervision of the entire business. At the rear of the store building is a large warehouse which is used as a receiving station for poultry, where it is dressed, packed and prepared for a market. The facilities for handling poultry and eggs enables them to buy all that is brought to them in marketable condition, for which they always pay the highest market price.
The establishment, taken as a whole, is one in which may be found nearly every article used by the human family. It is a real supply house for the farmers of the community as well as the townspeople. Your attention at the present time, when everyone is casting about for

suitable Christmas gifts, is called to the suggestions that they offer in the accompanying ad. Their store has been stocked with an endless array of suitable gift selections. The displays are attractive and the merchandise that they are offering is useful, serviceable and will make gifts that carry value with them. They promise you careful attention in making your selections, whether large or small, and urge you this year in selecting your gifts to give something to wear. Call at the store and view the stocks now being shown.
In connection with the above firm we take pleasure in mentioning their war activities. Both members have done their full duty in helping to bring the war to a successful ending. The
senior member holds the distinction of having subscribed the largest amount to the different war funds, such as Liberty Bonds, War Savings Stamps, Red Cross, etc., in the Township. Each and every Liberty Loan drive found him one of the first to come forward with a liberal purchase, going far over his quota each time. He gave liberally to the Red Cross and bought more than his allotment of War Savings Stamps. This was done with but one object in view, that being to support his government and country to the very best of his ability. Few men have given more freely of their cash toward helping to win the war than Mr. Stratilek, a fact that will be remembered by the soldier boys.
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