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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Emile Hunwartsen

EMILE HUNWARTSEN, about two years ago went to Marion, So. Dak. where he was employed, the summer months being engaged with a base ball team at that place. At the time of the first registration he was still at that place, therefore his name was enrolled there. Just before being called into the service he came home for a visit with his parents, and it was while here that he tried to get a release from his local board that he might enlist. This release was not granted and he received his call very
shortly. From Marion, So. Dak. he was sent to Vancouver, Wash., and later transferred to a camp in California. He received considerable training in the western state before being transferred to the eastern coast, from where he departed for overseas. Official announcement of his safe arrival was received by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hunwartsen of this city. We have been unable to learn whether or not he was in active fighting in the front line trenches, but no doubt got into action before the war ceased.

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