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The Anamosa Journal's
Tribute to Our Jones County Heroes
of the World War

Becky Dirks Haugsted provided the images and Janet A. Brandt transcribed the text.

The publisher dedicates this Memorial to the devoted American mothers of the fallen heroes of the World War. To them more than to any other influence is due the heroic spirit of our martyred dead. There is no other nation that has ever placed woman on the high plane of political and social equality now occupied by the American mother. All this has been accomplished without the sacrifice of those qualities of head and heart which have made the word "mother" the sweetest to fall from human lips. The bold agitators could accomplish nothing in any clime, but the gentle spirit of self sacrifice has gained womanhood in the United States recognition fitting the sacrifice made by millions who sent their sons to fight for freedom.

The World War has been described as the greatest human effort of all time. It was more than a contest of armies. It was the death struggle of whole nations, where every man, woman and child had to do a part to save the world from the awful curse of autocracy and the culture of the

sword, deified by Mohammed and raised by his modern prototypes in the effort to spread cultures and creeds by flame and steel. To the martyred heroes of America fell the glorious part of putting the final barrier to this modern effort of militarism, the last of sword culture.

The JOURNAL feels that this little Memorial is incomplete. It does not contain all the names of those who have rendered distinguished service and who have shed honor and glory on our country. We have been unable to get portraits of all the dead and wounded from Jones County. We will supplement the later reports of casualties by mention in the columns of the JOURNAL as we have from week to week during the war.

We wish to thank the press of the county for kindly furnishing us cuts of some of the soldiers, also to the photographers for use of photographs and to the friends of our heroes for biographical sketches.

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