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Miss Pauline A. Quigley
Red Cross

Becky Dirks Haugsted provided the images and Janet A. Brandt transcribed the text.

Our first Red Cross Volunteer to give her life for the cause of liberty and humanity was Miss Pauline Quigley of Anamosa who died at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, October 18, 1918. Miss Quigley was born in Anamosa and was the youngest child of the late William F. Quigley and Statia Power Quigley. She enlisted in the Red Cross field work in July, 1918. When the epidemic of influenza prostrated thousands of our soldiers in the camps and when many strong men and women feared ravages of the disease, Miss Quigley went willingly to the aid of our stricken soldiers. While in the Camp Hospital she was stricken by the fatal disease. The Chicago Tribune stated that the untimely death of Miss Quigley and one other nurse the same day, caused profound sorrow among the soldiers, more than the death of hundreds of their own ranks. She was regarded as a martyr by the Camp Custer soldiers. Miss Quigley now rests in quiet Holy Cross Cemetery at Anamosa and her memory will long be cherished by a grateful people.

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