Seaman 1C Donald Alfred Stott

February 22, 1924–December 7, 1941

Service #: 3214004
Residence: Jones, Iowa
Education: *****
Occupation: *****
Marital Status: *****
Enlistment Date: *****
Enlistment Place: *****
Service/Unit: *****
Burial: Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii

Donald Stott Killed In Pacific Action

photoDonald Alfred Stott, 19, son of Wilbur Stott, Monticello, and Mrs. Bessie Fleetwood, Fort Dodge, was killed in action in the Pacific, according to word received Sunday.

A telephone message, confirmed Monday by a wire, told Stott that his son had been reported as "missing in action" by his superiors. The message was sent by Rear Admiral Randal Jacobs, chief of the bureau of navigation.

Further details are not available at the present time. Stott entered the United States navy two years ago. He was stationed at the Great Lakes training station for 3 months before being transferred to his position in the Pacific.

The last his father knew, he was stationed off Hawaii and was on patrol duty with the navy. His rating before the outbreak of the war was Seaman First Class.

Particulars as to when Stott was killed and on what ship and in what waters are being withheld from the public.

Source: Monticello Express, Monticello, Iowa, January 1, 1942
Photo: Joe Todd

First Jones County Boy Killed At Pearl Harbor

Word was received Monday morning by Mrs. Harold Marshall of Wyoming that her nephew, Donald Stott, of Monticello, had been reported missing or killed in action during the Pearl Harbor Japanese raid three weeks ago. Donald had been stationed on the battleship Oklahoma and this was his second year serving in the United States Navy. The Oklahoma was sunk during the raid.

He has a brother, Raymond, and a cousin, George, who are also enlisted in the Navy, having served six and eight years, respectively. It is thought that Donald Stott is the first Jones county boy to be killed in the second World war.

Source: The Wyoming Journal, Wyoming, Iowa, December 25, 1941