EM1C William C. AllenLocal038119837 Dec 1941KIA
Pvt. Reid V. BartlettArmy3765986610 Aug 1944KIA
Pvt. Charles E. BenderArmy170271187 Jun 1941DNB
Seaman 1C Robert A. BlairNavy11 Sep 1943KIA
Tec5 Ernest H. BlohmArmy3719090124 May 1944KIA
SC3C Robert Alvin BlytheNavy 21 Aug 1944KIA
Tec5 Ernest H. BohlkenArmy372504104 Dec 1944KIA
AMM3C Howard Carl BramerNavy19 Oct 1943KIA
Pfc. Russell L. BrownArmy3765978613 Sep 1944 FOD
TSgt Robert J. CavanaughArmy371955531 Apr 1944KIA
TSgt Edwin E. CraigLocalJuly 10, 1941DOW
Sig3 Charles Trevor CurtisNavy18 Aug 1943KIA
Sgt. John L. DuffyArmy3719556024 Apr 1944KIA
Pvt. Gale EdwardsArmy3743423929 May 1943KIA
Pfc. Rex O. EdwardsArmy370428138 Jul 1944DOW
Pvt. Thomas I. EdwardsArmy3744542831 Aug 1944KIA
Tec5 John F. FoleyArmy3665436223 Apr 1945KIA
SSgt. Robert J. FritzArmy3765446910 Oct 1944FOD
Tec3 Wilfred F. GoriusArmy3719087512 Nov 1944KIA
TSgt. Otto H. HanssenArmy370424924 Feb 1944FOD
Coxswain Rollo HarfordLocal July 31, 1943DNB
Pfc. Louis F. HavlichekArmy3767446220 Dec 1944KIA
Lieut. Richard N. HoagLocal 6 June 1944
Pfc. Charles A. JensenArmy3704221212 Mar 1945DOW
Cpl. Andrew D. JoslinArmy3704341922 Sep 1918DOW
Sgt. Raymond W. JuilfsArmy3765129426 Feb 1945KIA
Sgt. Ryle E. LehmanArmy371112702 Oct 1944KIA
Seaman 1C Leo William LohrNavy 30 Jul 1945KIA
Sgt. Edward L. MagruderArmy170333308 May 1944DNB
1Lt. Donald C. MartinArmy0-6927427 Jan 1945DNB
Pvt. Herman O. OnkenLocal376917877 Jan 1945DOW
Sgt. John C. F. OnkenArmy370393866 Jun 1944KIA
Pvt. Lorenz PetersenArmy3768267015 Jun 1945DOW
Pvt. Robert D. SeeleyArmy68609131 Dec 1942DNB
Pfc. Eldon SiefkenArmy376826388 Apr 1945DOW
Aviation Cadet Dale N. SmithArmy1703044215 Sep 1941DNB
GM3C Russell L. SteenhoekNavy062058444 May 1945
2Lt. Stanley C. SteinerArmy0-71563025 Apr 1944DNB
1Lt. Sydney A. StoryArmy01699466DNB
S1C Donald Alfred StottNavy KIA
Sgt. Ralph M. SturmArmy37427882KIA
Cpl. Robert L. StuttArmy170694554 Jul 1944KIA
Cpl. Leon Fay TaylorArmy 6 Feb 1943DNB
Pvt. Francis H. ThomasArmy377734228 Apr 1945DOW
Tsgt. Fay E. WalkerArmy6862580FOD
Pfc. Leo E WarrenArmy3704016510 Dec 1943DNB
Pvt. Richard D. WhiteArmy37696793KIA
Ens. Lee Channing ZeiglerLocal37696793DNB
spaceName included in World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from: Iowa. (Jones County)
Navy= Name included in State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Iowa, 1946. (Next of kin="Jones County")
Local= Name found in local newspapers or other local sources.