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Transcribed by Janet Brandt

List of Claims.—The following is a list of claims passed on by the Board of Supervisors at the April term, 1871.
J. C. Ramsey,$2,60$2,60
W. F. Brown,2,20 2.20
T. R. Ercanbrack,24,0024.00
Robert Dott,6,506,00
Aaron Luther,6060
G. W. Field,5,005,00
Robert Murphy,1,101,10
H. Murphy,1,101,10
J. H. Perry,5,805,80
Joseph Moody,3,403,40
Robert Somerby,7,507,50
Edwin Cuppin,4,804,80
M. M. Moulton,7,40  not allow’d
L. D. Easterly,14,0014,00
C. M. Failing,30,0030,00
John F. Moore,1,701,70
Frank Flaherty,2,102,10
M. B. Brolhers,1,101,10
George Clark,2,102,10
Robert Dott,15,0015,00
J. R. Thomas,6,006,00
Timothy Flaherty,9090
W. D. Foole,5,00
James Young,2,201,70
Wm. H. Francis,8,506,00
James Nash,1,501,50
H. Putnam,3,903,90
John Seerey,2,002,00
Dennis, Catherine and May O’Brian,9,609,60
Arlanda W. Hay,3,603,60
George Hall,5,805,80
H. C. Hartman,6,206,20
D. M. Hall,1,701,70
Martin Nowack,3,003,00
T. J. Ross,10,8010,80
Peter Young,5,205,20
G. W. Field,13,0013,00
John O’Connor,1,401,40
Adda Ross,5,405,40
Rachael Shoemaker,3,803,80
William Alspach,4,504,50
John Phelan,4,504,50
S. D. Parks,11,9511,95
Sheean & McCarn,10,0010,00
Alex. Hughes,217,00laid over
Wyoming Journal,18,2518,25
Peck & Whittemore,41,6541,65
Monticello Township,32,95ref’r’d back
M. M. Moulton,37,0037,00
B. B. Ryan,17,4017,00
G. W. Hunt,11,60not allow’d
S. R. Howard,5,005,00
C. R. Scott,25,0025,00
John Foxall,11,5011,50
G. W. Hunt,87,0387,03
W. H. Proctor,11,0511,05
William H. Peck,2,402,40
Samuel B. Reede,2,202,20
Patrick Cashon,5,205,20
D. McGee,9,559,55
P. O. Babcock,14,1014,10
C. Linderman,2,502,50
Nicholas Sevenger,19,5019,50
G. G. Noyes,11,4011,40
Mrs. Ellen Toome,10,0010,00
N. M. Smith,150,00150,00
E. T. Mellett,129,50129,50
Geo. Saum,160,70160,70
E. Booth & Son,72,7272,72
Almond Camp,12,0012,00
Jasper Dalby,4,504,50
A. J. Dalby,30,0030,00
Andrew Coppes,30,0030,00
Thos. Buckner,204,00Not All’d
Andrew Coppes,2,502,50
O. B. Crane,263,80263,80
“ “825,70825,70
John Waite,50,00Laid over
L. E. Blakeslee,35,50No bill.
Geo. Saum,10,1010,10
W. S. Benton13,2013,20
Lull & Perfect,26,7026,70
G. P. Fifield,1,101,10
John McKean,45,00laid over
Frank Nowack,3,003,00
Joseph Dostal,3,003,00
Frank Zideck,3,003,00
Elizabeth Zideck,3,003,00
Thos. Buckner,22,2022,20
M. R. Gurney,2,502,50
Chas. Cline, Co. Auditor.
Chas. Cline, Jr. Deputy.
Flour—Superfine1 75 per 180 lbs
Extra3 00space"space
Buckwheat do8 00
Winter Wheat Flour
Rye Flour2 20
Corn Meal1 25
Wheat—No. 11 05
spacedospace ---No. 21 00
spacedospace ---No. 395
spacedospace ---Rejected85
Barley—Jan. 1260@80
Timothy Hay8 00
Wild do6 00
Beef Cattle—Gross5 00@6 00
Hogs—Gross5 50@5 75
Beans1 50
Onions2 00
Salt, per Barrel3 00
1st Clear 1½ inch per 100055 00
1st Clear 1 inch Dressed50 00
2dspacedospace1 inch Dressed45 00
1st Common dressed35 00
2dspacedospacerough22 00
Stock Boards dressed27 00
2dspacedospacerough24 00
No. 1 Siding28 00
spacedospaceNo.224 00
Sheeting20 00
Joist 16 feet22 00
Scantling 16 feet24 00
Grub Plank20 00
Flooring—No. 148 00
spacedospaceNo. 235 00
A. Shingles5 00
spacedospaceNo. 13 75
Lath3 75
Fencing 16 feet23 00
spacedospace12 and 14 feet22 00

Drawing at the Earlville Gift Enterprise.—The drawing commenced at Exchange Hall on Tuesday morning last, and goes on night and day. At six o’clock Wednesday evening, 11,765 tickets had been taken from the wheel.—The drawers are—William Price, Delhi; A. Fortner, Waverly; Oscar Sherman, Anamosa; Charles Rundall. A house and lot, worth $1,000, were drawn by a poor widow woman in Earlville, who has five children and does washing for a living. Several other large prizes have been reported but so far as heard from, none have fallen to ticket-holders in this locality.—Edwin Harvey held a ticket which drew a large kerosene oil can, valued at $10, and used principally by merchants.
spaceThe drawing will probably be concluded to-morrow.
Three thousand bags of letters, papers and pamphlets, weighing in the aggregate a hundred and fifty tons, pass through the New York Post Office every twenty-four hours. To receive and deliver this immense amount of matter requires the services of five hundred clerks and three hundred carriers.
The cheapest place just now for Boots and Shoes is at H. Wurzbacher’s.
spaceBy the Rev. R. C. Stephens, at his residence near Highland Grove, March 30th, Mr. Joseph Whitmore and Miss Adda Watts, both of Jones County, Iowa.
spaceAt Fairview, Iowa, on the 30th day of March, by Eld. N. B. Homan, Mr. G. W. Beldin —Son of Dr. Beldin—to
Miss Mary E. Yiesly, of Mt. Vernon. spaceAt Anamosa, on the 5th inst., by Robert Dott, J. P., Mr. Joseph McMillan, Waubeek, Linn Co., and Miss Catherine Ross, of Fairview, Jones County.

Finest and largest stock of Hats and Caps in Anamosa, at Wood’s tf
Remember!—Shoes at cost at L. B. Peck’s. 24w3
Go and see Wood’s new styles of Hats and Caps. They are cheap! tf
spaceDwelling House to Rent—Apply Dr. Blakeslee. (tf)
spaceFor Sale.—My residence, house and four lots. A. Green. 18tf
All kinds of old Cast Iron wanted at H. Lehmkuhl’s.
Rags wanted in exchange for Tinware, by A. Green.
Seed Corn, Timothy Seed, Clover Seed, Alsike Clover Seed, Hungarian Grass Seed and Norway Oats, for sale by Alderman & Cunningham. tf
For the Key-Stone Corn Planter, Connolly Wagon, Furst & Bradley Corn Cultivator, with diamond-shape shovels, call on H. Lehmkuhl & Co., Anamosa. 25w4
spaceHair Work—Mrs. W. V. Field is prepared to do all kinds of hair work in the line of switches, curls, chains, bracelets &c. Call on her and examine specimens. 8tf
spacePlows! Plows!—Just received a large assortment of the genuine Moline Plows, which we will sell at low prices. Beware of imitations Lehmkuhl & Co. 50tf
spaceThe Hazel Knoll Family Boarding School will open its Spring Session for 1871, April 10th. To those who desire to patronize a good Academic School it offers superior advantages.—Send for circular. 24w4
spaceFor Sale.—A Farm (adjoining the city corporation) of 60 acres; over 40 under cultivation; new frame dwelling, 14x22; cellar, full size; good cistern, &c. The house and 20 acres will be sold separate if desired. Apply to. I. Fisher. 4w
spaceThe N. Y. Independent. —Subscribers to the Eureka can procure, through us, the New York Independent at $2,50 a year, and receive, at the same time, copies of Ritchie’s fine premium engravings of Grant and Colfax. Apply at the Eureka office. 10tf

Agricultural Implements.—Alderman & Cunningham are making arrangements to supply a large demand this season, in the Farm Machinery line, direct from the manufacturers. Seeders, Corn Planters, Riding and Walking Plows—the best in the market, and the best Cast-Steel Plows from the Grand de Tour, Peru, Moline and St. Louis factories.—Also Lumber Wagons, such as the “A. A. Cooper” and the “Star” Wagon; Mishawaukie Feed Mill, Anderson Steamer and many other articles in their line. Also, Reapers and Mowers, Threshers &c. Farmers will do well to call and see for themselves before ordering elsewhere, as they will soon have several car loads on hand in Anamosa. 19tf.
Messrs. Lazarus & Morris, of Hartford, Conn., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Perfected Spectacles, have much pleasure in announcing to the inhabitants of Anamosa and vicinity, that they have appointed Dr. Alex. McKean as their sole agent for the sale of these goods. Dr. McKean has received all needful instructions, together with complete sets of “test types” for accurately and expeditiously ascertaining the exact strength of lens required by the patient. We have full confidence in the ability of our agent to meet the requirements of all customers, and through him guarantee a perfect fit in all cases. These goods are warranted to give a clear and distinct vision—never to tire the eye and to last many years without change being necessary. They have only to be tried to be thoroughly appreciated. v14n20y1o3t.
Notice is hereby given that the firm of Wheaton & Chadwick has dissolved partnership.—The undersigned has rented a portion of W. S. Benton’s Brick Machine Shop, with the privilege of using the machinery to carry on business and whereby it can be done with greater rapidity.
spacePersons wanting anything in my line will do well to give me a call before contracting else-where. All orders promptly attended to:
David Chadwick, Builder.
Anamosa, Iowa 24tf
Farm for Sale
spaceThe subscriber offers his Farm of 160 acres, located in Madison Township, in Pleasant Valley, 12 miles east of Anamosa, and 4 miles south of the line of the Midland Railroad. Farm well fenced, 120 acres under cultivation, 3 good wells on the premises, good two-story dwelling, 18x30, and a good cellar. Also a stable and granary. Also 7 acres of river timber and 5 acres of white oak timber—1½ and three miles from the farm.—Also one good team, wagon &c., Rezper, Corn Plow, Planter and all kinds of Farming Utinsils necessary to carry on the farm.
spaceTerms reasonable. Enquire of the undersigned, on the premises. $50 given to any person who will find a purchaser.
20w7spaceM. OVERBAUGH
spaceA good large Dwelling House, with eight rooms. House well furnished and large enough for two small families. Good wood house attached to kitchen. Buggy house. Comfortable small barn, with granaries. Two good wells of water, one good cistern and several out-buildings, with three large lots. Will sell for cash or trade for stock, or sell to responsible persons on time to suit them. Lies in thr best part of the town. For further information call upon the proprietor at the village of Fairview, Iowa. The property is located in the most desirable part of town.
25w4spaceC. H. MERSHON.

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