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Pvt. Charles Edmond Bender
November 30, 1919–June 7, 1941
Independence Boy Is Killed, Three Others
Seriously Injured In Auto Collision

Two Iowa boys, one Charles Bender, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bender, Monticello, were killed in an automobile accident near Lebanon, Mo., Saturday. The other victim was Clarence Campbell, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Campbell, Independence, George Nemeth, West Bend, and two other soldiers were seriously injured, and have not yet regained consciousness. The accident happened 2 miles from Lebanon when the car in which the Iowa boys were riding collided with an army transport from Fort Leonard Wood, Rolla, Mo. The two boys were thrown through the windshield of their car when it hit the truck. Further details of the accident have not been made available.

Anti-Aircraft Unit
Both of the boys killed were members of the anti-aircraft unit of the 88th division, stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.
Bender is, the first, boy from Jones county to be killed while in service during the present defense program. Bender was stationed at Fort Des Moines until last May following his enlistment in January. From there he was transferred to Fort Leonard Wood, at which camp he was still stationed when the accident occurred.
Charles Edmond Bender was born in Onslow, Nov. 30, 1919. He attended the Monticello school and later joined the CCC camp at Solon, Iowa. He was enlisted there for one and a half years. He volunteered for the army on Jan. 3, 1941 and was stationed in Fort Des Moines until the last of May. He was then transferred to Camp Leonard Wood, Rolla, Mo. For many years he was a Cedar Rapids Gazette carrier in Monticello.
The body was sent to Monticello Wednesday morning following funeral services at the camp. Funeral services were held in the home at 2 p.m. today and at 2:30 in the Presbyterian church. Rev. William Grossheim preached the funeral sermon. Burial was in the Oakwood cemetery.
Besides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bender, he is survived by three brothers and six sisters: Mrs. M. D. Holscher, Hopklnton; Mrs. C. L. Burris, Davenport; James and Esther, Waterloo; Fern Bender, Davenport; Paul, Ralph, Jean and Kathryn, at home; as well as many relatives and friends.

Source: Monticello Express, Monticello, Iowa, June 12, 1941


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