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Lovisa Blodgett Whittimore
October 7, 1809–July 31, 1895
The remains of Lovisa Whittimore, relict of the late Barrett Whittimore were brought here last Friday morning from Kimball South Dakota and taken to the Bowens Prairie cemetery for interment. Mrs Whittimore died of paralysis, at the home of her adopted daughter, Mrs. C. S. Blodgett (nee Sarah Flint) at nine o'clock a.m. July 31st, at the ripe age of 85 years 9 months. Mrs. Blodgett and her son Arthur, were visiting at Waterloo at the time. Being apprised of the death, they came here and arranged for the interment, and Mr. Blodgett and his daughter Hattie, accompanied the body. Arriving here Friday morning the remains were taken to the Bowens Prairie church by the following pall bearers: R. A. Rynerson, William Brazelton, F. M. Hicks, L. C. Rice, George W. Curtis, T. A. King. The funeral services were conducted by Dr. A. M. Case of the Congregational Church.
Mrs. Whittimore suffered a stroke of paralysis fifteen years ago, and thereafter was almost helpless. She had no children of her own, but she was fortunate to have the loving care of a foster daughter who was attentive to her wants through the long years of helplessness.
Mrs. Whittimore, whose maiden name was Lovisa Blodgett, was born in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire October 7, 1809. She was married at that place July 3, 1846 to Barrett Whitimore, one of the early pioneers of Iowa, who returned for his bride. They lived at Bowens Prairie in this country, coming here 49 years ago yet, she was not the pioneer her husband was . He came here in the Spring of 1838, and a few years later, taught the first school in Jones county, being elected the first county superintendent in 1858. But a few of those old pioneers who link us to the territorial days, remain to remind us of the progress that has been made.

Submitted by: Unknown
Source: Monticello Express, August 8, 1895


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