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Wuebke Margaretha Bodiker Oltmanns Tjaden
December 8, 1862–July 12, 1936
Mrs. Gerd Tjaden Is Called by Death
Death claimed one of the most respected citizens of Amber Sunday morning, July 12, at 7:40 o’clock in the person of Mrs. Wuebke Margaretha Tjaden, nee, Bodiker.
Born December 8, 1862, at Wiesedemer Ostfriesland, Germany, she was a daughter of the late Cartsen Bodiker and wife, nee Peters. In the Lutheran church of her native village she was baptized and confirmed and on March 30, 1886, she joined hands in holy wedlock with Harm Feeken Oltmans now deceased. Children were born to this union of which only two survive their mother. In 1912 the family came to the U.S.A. to Monticello, Iowa, and on September 7, 1914, she married Gerd Tjaden. In 1929 she with her husband retired from active farm work to a smaller place in Amber in order to enjoy the remainder of life in rest and quite.
She became ailing in 1930 and never recovered. Last Friday she became bedfast and died Sunday at the age of 73 years, 7 months and 4 days.
She leaves her husband, Gerd Tjaden, with whom she shared the sorrow and joy of life for 22 years and who tenderly cared for her during her illness; eight children, Mrs. Rieke Balster of Clifton, Ia., Henry Oltman of Cass Twp. Herman, Carl, Edward and Henry Tjaden, Mrs. Marie Stoffers, Mrs. Gesina Herren, 23 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Margaretha Groszz in Germany.
Mrs. Tjaden was a faithful member of the Wayne Zion Lutheran church.
Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 10:00 o’clock at her home in Amber, and at 10:30 at the Wayne church in charge of her pastor, Rev. J. Willms. Interment was made on the family lot adjoining the church.

Source: The Anamosa Journal, July 16, 1936

Aged Amber Resident Answers
The Final Summons

Mrs. Margaret Tjaden, 73, died last Sunday morning at 7:40 in her home in Amber. The late Mrs. Tjaden was the wife of Gerd Tjaden, and had been ill since 1930 but last Friday her condition became critical, death following.
Mrs. Tjaden was born Dec. 8, 1862, at Wiesedemeer, Ostfriesland, Germany. She was the daughter of the late Carsten Bodiker. She was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church in her native village in Germany.
March 30, 1886, Miss Bodiker married Harm Feeken Oltmanns, now deceased. Six children were born to this union of which only two survive their mother. In 1912 the family moved from Germany to Monticello. Tow years later, Sept. 7, 1914. Mrs. Oltmanns married Gerd Tjaden. The couple farmed for a number of years and then retired to Amber.
Mrs. Tjaden is survived by her husband; eight children, Mrs. Rieke Balster of Clinton, Henry Oltmanns, of Cass, Herman, Carl, Edward, Henry, Mrs. Marie Stoffers, and Mrs. Gesine Herren; 23 grandchildren and two great grandchildren; and one sister Mrs. Margaret Gross in Germany.
Funeral Services were held last Tuesday morning in the home at 10 o'clock and at Wayne Zion Lutheran Church at 10:30. Funeral services were in charge of Rev. J. Willms. Interment was made in the family lot in the cemetery adjoining the church.

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