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James Carter
October 14, 1829–February 11, 1925
James Carter, age 96 passed away February 11, 1925, in Jackson township, Jones County. He was born October 14, 1829, in Gloustershire, England to his parents Daniel and Mary Carter.
When he learned of America as a new land of great opportunity and vast stretches of virgin prairie awaiting the coming of any brave pioneer. At the age of twenty five in the year 1854 he bade farewell to his parents, relatives and friends to take passage for the land of his vision.
He reached New York July 4th and traveled to the vicinity of Chicago which was then not much more than a large village. He remained there for two years until he moved again to the prairies of Jones County Iowa.
His first enterprise was to contract for building the grade for a railroad running from Wyoming to Anamosa. The promoters failed financially and he ceased his work. His next venture was to purchase a farm in Jackson township near Olin where he spent the rest of his life.
He married Rhoda Benadom on December 27, 1857. During 67 years of marriage they witnessed the marvelous development of this great country. Nine children were born to them of which two of whom died in infancy. Olive, who was Mrs. C. E. Blayney, died in 1901. Those who survived are Mrs. Ida Stivers, Mrs. Simon Ballou of Olin, Mrs. Barbra Gordon of Marion, Mrs. Florence Starry, of Des Moines, Mr. William Carter of San Diego, California, and Nathan who lives on the home farm.
The funeral services were held at his home on Friday, February 13th conducted by Rev. James Baliz of Olin, assisted by Rev. William Henry Burhans of Amber. His body was conveyed to the Olin Cemetery and there laid to rest.

Submitted by: Charles R. Stivers


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