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Philip Cline
Sincerely Respected By All Who Knew Him
Mr. Philip Cline died last Tuesday at the age of eighty-five and twenty three days. In 1854 Philip Cline arrived on the Jones Co., Iowa Prairie, purchased the premises known as the Cline farm where he and his wife Rebecca continued to reside for some 30 years until he moved to Nebraska. He was a native of Virginia, moved thence to Ohio, thence to Illinois, thence to Bowens Prairie, Iowa and finally to York Co., Nebraska. He had seen a large family of children grow up under his care. Several have died. One still resides at Bowens Prairie (Wm.). Mr. Cline was among the early settlers of York County, and had an extensive acquaintance. He was sincerely respected by all who knew him. Only a few short months ago he had buried the wife of his youth, and the blow was heavier than he was able to sustain. The funeral services were held at Harmony Church, conducted by Rev. S. E. Lloyd.

Submitted by: Kathy Landauer
Source: York Co. Nebraska Republican, November 9, 1892


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