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Vernon Corkhill
September 27, 1907 – July 22, 1923
The 15-year-old son of Mrs. Seymore Clark of Monticello, was drowned in the Maquoketa River in Richland Township , near the John Fluckiger farm, last Sunday afternoon. A family picnic had been enjoyed during the day, and many of the younger members of the party were in the river bathing. The Corkhill boy and several children of Mr. and Mrs. John Fluckiger were playing on a log.
Mrs. Fluckiger called to the children telling them to come nearer the shore, as they were getting in deep water. Just at that time that Mrs. Fluckiger called, the Corkhill boy lost his hold on the log, and slipped into the water. He was unable to swim and therefore sank. He came up once after falling into the water. Those standing nearby attempted to rescue the boy but were unable to do so. The body was recovered two hours later in the vicinity of the accident by Harry Hoag of Monticello. Although the body had been in the water a long time, doctors were called, and an attempt was made to bring the boy back to life, but without avail. The accident happened a half-mile north of Tibbet's mill-dam, where the water runs rather swiftly. At the point where the boy was drowned the water was fifteen feet deep.
In addition to his mother, Vernon, who was born September 27, 1907, is survived by his step-father and the following half-sisters and brothers: Ada, Clara, Mary and Louis. The funeral services were held in the Methodist Episcopal church Tuesday morning, and were conducted by Rev. Leonard Duckett, assisted by Rev. T. M. Nielsen. Burial was had at the East Monticello cemetery.

Submitted by: Steve Hanken
Source: Monticello Express, July 26, 1923


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