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Rt. Rev. Daniel M. Gorman
April 12, 1861–June 12, 1927

Friday’s papers record the death on Thursday, June 12, 1927, at 1:42 p.m. at St. Joseph’s hospital, Lewiston, Idaho, of the Rt. Rev. Daniel M. Gorman, head of the Catholic church in the Boise diocese of Idaho.
Bishop Gorman was a brother of Dr. T. C. Gorman and John Gorman, and an uncle of Geo. C. Gorman and Ray Gorman of Cedar Rapids. In addition to the Cedar Rapids relatives, he is survived by two sisters: the Rt. Rev. Mother Daniel of Dubuque and Sister Margaret of Waterloo; a brother, Michael, of Anamosa, and a brother Geo. at Waterloo.
Bishop Gorman was born on a farm near Hale, Jones County, Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman, and had attained the age of 66 years. He was well known among the folk of the Catholic Church in Iowa. Was President of Columbia College at Dubuque for 13 years before he went to Idaho in 1918. His residence there was at Boise. While en route from Boise to Cottonwood to attend the state meeting of the Knights of Columbus he was taken ill at Lewiston, and was taken to the hospital. From day to day he was reported as improving. After eating a light lunch last Thursday he retired to his room where he was found dead a short time later.
Bishop Gorman was known throughout the state of Idaho as a public spirited man, who was much in demand as a speaker at gatherings of a pacific nature. Bishop Gorman was ordained into the priesthood June 22, 1893, after which he was given educational work, being connected for a number of years with Columbia College, Dubuque, Iowa.
The older readers of The Journal and residents of Hale township will remember the sturdy Gorman families, John and Michael, who owned farms near Hale. The younger generation remembers the second and third Gorman descendants. All good citizens. The passing of Bishop Gorman will be received with regret by friends of the Gormans. Interment at Boise.

Submitted by: Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Source: Wyoming Journal, Wyoming, Iowa, 16 June 1927, page 1, col. 1.

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