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Edward Heinrich Hanken
Baby Drowned in Water Tank
Eddie Hanken, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanken of Wayne township, was accidentially drowed in a tank where stock are watered, last Monday forenoon. The little fellow was missed from the house by his mother, about eleven o'clock. The other children were questioned said they had not seen him. A search was instituted, and the farm hand found him dead in the water tank. The baby boy had evidently climbed onto the edge of the tank where he lost his balance and fell into the water. Mr. Hanken was away from home at the time. The friends of the family are deeply sympathetic to this sad afflection which robs the home of the joy and happiness that the baby brought every day with its smiles and prattle.

Submitted by: Steve Hanken
Source: Monticello Express, 1911
Note: Steve is not sure of exact date of publication but the boy was born 9 October 1908 and died 28 August 1911.


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