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Wessel B. Hanken
October 9, 1834–November 6, 1906
Mr. Wessel B. Hanken, an old and respected citizen of Lovell township, died at his home east of Monticello, last Tuesday evening the 6th, at 8 o'clock. Mr. Hanken had been in failing both physically and mentally for a year, but did not take to his bed until the Saturday before his death. He lapsed into a profound sleep and quietly passed into the great unknown, with out a tremor or a struggle. The funeral services will be held at St. Johns Lutheran Church at 11 o'clock Friday morning. The funeral discourse will be delivered by Rev. Wm. Schuetz. Mr. Hanken had been an important factor in the development of Jones county. He belonged to the pioneer band of those industrious Germans, who made the farms of this locality rich and productive. When he came here 48 years ago, the Eilers and the Matthiessens were the only German families living in this neighborhood. Mr. Hanken was not only a splendid, good farmer, but a fine financial manager as well. He helped all of his children to good Jones County farms, and left a comfortable estate in addition. He was honest to a fault, and his word was never questioned by those he did business. He was even-tempered and conservative, and in all respects a man who never failed in the respect of his neighbors.
The deceased was born in Wiesede, Hanover, Germany, October 9, 1834, and was married in April, on the 11th day, 1858, to Miss Margaret C. Heyen. In the fall of the same year, they came to Monticello, when it was a hamlet, and commenced the active and thifty life that brought them prosperity and contentment. On the 12 of February, 1894, Mrs. Hanken died. The deceased is survived by seven children, viz: Mrs.John H. Eden of Lovell Township; Henry Hanken of Langworthy; Nanne Hanken of Cherokee; Gerhard H. Hanken of Scotch Grove; John B. Hanken of Madison Township; William H. Hanken of Lovell Township; and Fred A. Hanken of Langworthy.

Submitted by: Steve Hanken

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