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Clifford S. Hunnicutt
August 14, 1901–August 22, 1926
Killed in Ohio Auto Accident
Clifford S. Hunnicutt, Former Anamosa Boy,
Meets Death at Germantown, Ohio, Sunday

In an automobile accident near Germantown, Ohio, on Sunday morning, August 22, at 1:19, Clifford Sinclair Hunnicutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hunnicutt, for a number of years residents of Anamosa, was instantly killed, and Irvin Bailey, another member of the party died a few minutes after the accident.
The car which the unfortunate party was riding in was a Cadillac and was driven by its owner, George Taylor. In the front seat with Taylor were Lester Izor, and a young engineer from Kentucky. Clifford Hunnicutt, was riding on the left hand side in the back seat, with Bailey in the center and another man, Robert Dunkel on the right. Hunnicutt had been visiting in Germantown, and had stopped at a restaurant for a lunch, here meeting the men who were friends. A short spin in the Cadillac was proposed. The party were driving on the Germantown pike, a paved road leading to Dayton fifteen miles north. They had gone little more than a half mile out of Germantown when the accident happened. The road out of town leads up a hill, and on reaching the top of the hill the party ran into a fog bank. The lights of a car ahead were visible but the fog made the distance uncertain and the two came together before the drivers realized the danger. The other car was a Ford coupe, which came in contact with the front wheels of the Cadillac ripping the tire from the big car. The Ford, it is said, was spun around in the road like a top, but its occupants were not injured. The Cadillac, minus its tire went toward the ditch, missing two telephone poles, crossed a culvert, striking another telephone pole. Here the top was demolished, and the two men Hunnicutt and Bailey were thrown from the car and met their death. Hunnicutt was found 35 feet from the car, and must have been instantly killed. Bailey was nearer the car, was conscious when reached by his companions, but lived but a few minutes. Hunnicutt's neck was broken also one arm and the side of his head badly bruised. Bailey's neck was broken and his chest badly crushed. Other members of the party received slight injuries from breaking glass, but not serious. Bailey leaves a wife and two children, the youngest 11 months old. The authorities investigating the accident, found that runniing into the fog bank that obscured the lights of the approaching Ford coupe was wholly responsible for the sad mishap. Taylor who was operating the car is a taxi driver and expert in handling automobiles.
The news of this deplorable accident was received in Anamosa Sunday morning by Mrs. Neil Ellis, sister of Clifford Hunnicutt. The remains were brought to Anamosa, accompanied by members of the family and were met at Martelle Monday night.
Clifford Sinclair Hunnicutt was born at Toledo, Iowa, on August 14, 1901, and only a week previous to his death had passed his 25th birthday. The family moved to Anamosa in 1902, when Clifford was a year old and remained as residents of this city up to 1918. Clifford is a remembered as a bright, wholesome boy, lively and a general favorite among his boy companioins. He has been working with his father and brother as a bricklayer on contract work, and was a skillful and efficient workman. He was to have been married within the coming year and his fiancee, Miss Larue Lywig of Germantown, accompanied the members of the family to this city to attend the last sad rites.
Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at 10 o"clock at the Loder Funeral Home, Rev. Beggs conducting the services. Burial was at Riverside cemetery.
Accompanying the remains to Anamosa were the parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hunnicutt of Saratoga, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hunnicutt of Union City, Ind., and Ralph Hunnnicutt of Marion, Ind., brothers, Miss Blanch Hunnicutt of Chicago, a sister, and Miss Larue Lywig of Germantown, Ohio. Mrs. Leonard Anderson, a sister, arrived from Brush, Colo., on Monday. Mrs. Neil Ellis, another sister, is a resident of this city. Other relatives were for the funeral were Miss Gladys Hunnicutt of Appleton, Minn., a cousiin of the deceased, Robert W. of Cedar Rapids and John Hunnicutt of Tama, brothers of J. C. Hunnicutt, Ben Hunnicutt of South Dakota, T. Hunnicutt of Toledo, Iowa and Mrs. Toohey of Huntington, W. Virginia.
The sympathy of this community goes out to his parents, brothers and sisters in their great loss praying that the God of all grace may be theirs to help and sustain them.

Submitted by: Laura Hunnicutt Gardner
Source: Anamosa Eureka, Anamosa, Iowa, 26 August 1926

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