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Dr. George Inglis
Geo. Inglis Death Reported Aug. 29

WYOMING — Word was received in this town Tuesday of the death of Dr. George Inglis, 89, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. E. Rinehart (Mabel), Oswego, Ore. Funeral services were held today, August 31, with burial at Troutdale, Ore. Dr. Inglis had been in failing health for some years and had retired from practice 15 years ago.
He is survived by two daughters and one son, Mrs. Rinehart and Mrs. Ellsworth Raker (Ruth), both of Oswego, and Ward Inglis of Staten, Ore.; also a sister, Mrs. J. W. Waite of Wyoming, and a brother, Dan Inglis of Cambridge, la.
Dr. Inglis was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Inglis, a pioneer family which settled in the Hale community, but which attended church services at Wyoming. The children in the family also attended school in that town. Dr. Inglis was a practicing physician in Monticello for many years. They lived on West First street in the home recently occupied by Caroline Schoenhut. The family moved to Oregon thirty years ago.

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Source: Monticello Express, August 31, 1944

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