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Rev. Joseph H. Johnson
Expires in His Chair Last Friday Evening
"In the midst of life we are in death." This truth was again illustrated last week in a most unexpected manner. Rev. or Elder J. H. Johnson as he was commonly known, had gone in for a chat with Mr. Anthony Waggoner, on Garnavillo street. The latter, who was an old neighbor of Mr. Johnson years ago, has been quite seriously ill for some time. Between seven and eight o'clock Mr. Johnson remarked that he was not feeling well and said he thought he had better go. Being urged to stay he took his chair again and immediately expired, having been stricken with apoplexy. Medical help was promptly summoned, but of course to no purpose.
The funeral services were held in Antioch church, Jackson Township, Sunday at 1p.m. Sermon by Rev. Smith, of Marshalltown, who has been holding special meetings at that place. Of Mr. Johnson's history we can give no details this week. He came to Jackson township in 1863 or 64, and it was through his efforts that the Christian Church was organized and a house of worship erected. During the past winter he has been engaged in evangelistic work in southern Iowa, and had returned from his labors in that field only a few days before his death. He was a man of strong mental qualities, strict integrity, an earnest, devoted citizen in every good work, and without an enemy in the world so far as we know.
Mr. Johnson leaves five grown daughters and four sons. The daughters are; Mrs. John Landis, Mrs. John and James McMurrin, Mrs. Milton Byerly, Mrs. A. Hopkins. The sons are; H.B., George, Walter and Owen; the latter residing in southern Iowa..

Submitted by: Jill Orcutt
Source: Eureka, Anamosa, Iowa, March 4, 1886

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