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George D. Kenny
Death Ends Suffering
George D. Kenny Passes Away Tuesday Night at 6 O'clock
After suffering intensely for many months, George D Kenny died at the family residence in East Cascade at 6 o'clock Tuesday evening. Mr. Kenny was a sufferer from a malignant cancer of the face for more than a year, and endured many months of excruciating pain, characteristic of the relentless affection (affliction?). Yet he bore it all with Christian patience. For eight days preceding his death he was unable to take nourishment, and his once rugged form was greatly reduced by the ravishes of the malady, which the skill of physicians was unable to battle.
George Dennis Kenny was a son of the late Squire Michael Kenny, and was born on the old homestead in Washington township, Jones county, June 1, 1860. He spent his entire life upon the farm which he managed and succeeded to after the death of his father. He was a man of sterling qualities, a studious reader, and was well informed upon the current and general affairs of the world, and while retiring in his nature, to those whose friendship he cultivated, he was a most interesting companion. He never married but was most devoted in his attentions to his sisters, brother and niece. His religious life was an exemplary one, firmly and consistently grounded upon the tenets of the Catholic belief, and his faith was implicit and unfaltering.
Last March Mr. Kenny and his sisters, his neice, and his brother, Patrick, who died September 30, l914, retired from the farm and took up their residence in East Cascade. The surviving members of the family are the sisters, Mrs. Emily Cunningham and Miss Agnes Kenny, and niece, Miss Della Cox, who have the sympathy of the entire community in this second bereavement within a few months.
The funeral services will take place at St. Martin's church at 10 o'clock Friday morning and burial will take place at the cemetery of St. Peter's, Temple Hill.
Mr. Kenny was an honored member of the Cascade Council Knights of Columbus and the council will attend the services at the church in a body.

Submitted by: Joanne Wilken
Source: Cascade Pioneer, 7 January 1915

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