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Margaret Krayenhagen
Little Six Year Old Girl Fatally Burned
Another fatal accident, which resulted in the death of a child and which has shocked the entire community, occurred Tuesday morning of this week, when Margaret, the little six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Krayenhagen, living just at the outskirts of the city on the Leffingwell farm, was fatally burned and died a few hours later.
While mother was busy in another part of the house caring for one of the smaller children, Margaret, only six years of age was amusing herself in the kitchen. It is thought that she attempted to kindle the fire in the kitchen range by pouring kerosene from a lantern on the blaze. Her clothing was evidently saturated from the oil and the flames flashed out, igniting her clothing. From all appearances it was several minutes before the alarm was spread, and not until the other children informed the mother, who hurried to her rescue. The little one bewildered, had rushed out doors with her clothing ablaze. The mother reached the little daughter, but in her frantic efforts broke away and started to run. Mr. Krayenhagen, who was working at the barn just a short distance from the house was summoned, but by the time the flames were distinguished the little girl was so badly burned from her face down the front of her body, that nothing could be done to allay her suffering.
Dr. J. L. Cook, of this city was summoned and after seeing the situation realized that death was enevitable, although an effort was being made to rush her to a hospital, when death occurred.
The accident happened about eight o`clock in the morning and she passed away at eleven o`clock. She was conscious until the very last, having called her father to her side just before the death angel wafted the little soul to its heavenly home. The fatal accident is a terrible blow to the fond parents, who have the sympathy of the entire community.
Funeral services are being held this forenoon, and the remains will be taken to DeWitt, where they will be laid to rest in the DeWitt cemetery

Submitted by: Richard Krayenhagen
Source: Oxford Mirror, 4 December 1924

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