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Peter Leinen
Peter Leinen Meets Death—Drowns in Wapsi River Sunday
Peter J. Leinen, aged forty-four years drowned in the Wapsipinicon river near the Shaw Bridge* Sunday afternoon. He and a number of friends had been fishing along the river and had just started a campfire preparatory to getting a meal. Leinen complained of feeling warm and decided to take a plunge into the river before he ate.
He started to swim across the river and had crossed the deepest part when he was seized by cramps and went down in almost four feet of water. His friends summoned aid when they noticed that he had disappeared, and although he drowned in but a few feet of water it took nearly two hours to recover the body. The shock of the cold water might have caused heart trouble. Coroner Beam was called to the scene but no inquest was held. Leinen has lived in this vicinity most of his life. Of late he has been doing trucking and cream hauling for the local creamery. He was an expert swimmer. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Leinen both deceased. One brother Charles lives in Nebraska. He also leaves three sons.
The funeral services were held at forest chapel at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. Gonld officiated. Internment was made at the cemetery adjoining the chapel.

Submitted by: Laura Comley
Source: The Anamosa Eureka, Thursday July 7, 1927
Note: This is wrong unless the Shaw Bridge is now the Landis Bridge and I am pretty sure that it is not. The bridge that he drowned near is the Landis bridge off Hwy 64, east of Anamosa.

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