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Mary McDermott Cheshire
County Resident for Forty-Nine Years
The wife of the late Mr. John Cheshire died last Saturday at 6 p.m. The cause, in all probability, is attributable to a recent fall resulting in the breaking of a leg and arm. The funeral services were held in the Catholic church at 10:30 a.m. Monday. Rev. Father Power preached an excellent sermon and paid a merited tribute to the deceased, who came to this county forty-four years ago, and to all the early pioneers who had the energy to make ready a new country for all the developments of our present civilization. Father Power was assisted in the regular service by Rev. Father McCormick, of Monticello, and Rev. Father Hardigan, of Marion.

Submitted by: Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Source: The Anamosa Eureka, 17 February 1900

The aged Mrs. John Chesire of Amber passed away last Saturday, pneumonia being the immediate cause of death.
Jan. 20th the lady met with an accident while carrying an arm-load of wood into the house. She slipped and in the fall broke her right limb above the knee and also both bones in the right arm just above the wrist. Pneumonia later setting in as stated carried her off. The funeral was held from St. Patrick's church last Monday morning. Rev. Father Power officiating.

Submitted by: Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Source: Anamosa Journal, 22 February 1900.
Note: the "aged" lady was sixty-three!

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