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Fergus S. McKean
Died October 20, 1932
The Innisfall Province, Alberta, Canada, has the following to say on the death of Fergus S. McKean, a former resident of this community.
The tragic passing of Mr. F. S. McKean removes one of the prominent citizens of the Dickson district. Born at Anamosa, Iowa, sixty-two years ago, he came to Alberta in 1910 and had thus been twenty-two years in our midst. A man of affairs, his life was one of busy interest and he took an active part in the development of the western settlement. He was one of the leading farmers of the community; a director of the Mountain View Live Stock Marketing Association; an auctioneer and Secretary of the Dickson Drainage District.
Mr. McKean finished threshing at noon on Thursday and after lunch took his axe and went into the bush with the intention of cutting some wood. As he did not return at supper time his people became anxious and west to look for him. Not being successful a search party was organized, but it was not until about five next morning that his lifeless body was discovered. Apparently he had sat down on a log and collapsed. Coroner Dr. G. C. Wagner and Constable Ball of Innisfall went out to investigate and it was decided that an inquest was not necessary, death being from natural causes. The funeral under the direction of Mr. R. D. Sheffield took place on Sunday, October 23rd. Service conducted by the Rev. P. Nyholm was at the Dickson church and interment was made in the church burying ground. He leaves a widow, one daughter, and two grandchildren.

Submitted by: Alan Nicholson
Source: Sutherland Courier, Sutherland, Nebraska, 10 Nov 1932, p 6, col 6

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