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Edward Moore
November 1849–August 1912
Edward Moore, the brother of Mrs. T. A. King, of this city, whose serious illness was announced in The Express last week, survived only four days after the arrival of his sister. He was buried in the cemetery ten miles from Denver, near Littleton, August 16th. Mr. Moore was conscious up to the very last, and visited and joked with the members of his family. He passed away very suddenly. He knew, however, that he was on his deathbed, and arranged for his funeral four weeks before his demise. It is a great comfort to Mrs. King to know that she reached him before his death and had the opportunity for talking and visiting with him. "Ed" Moore as he was familiarly called, was long a resident of this county. He was born in Richland township, not far from Monticello, in November 1849. He was a son of William Moore, a native of the Isle of Man, who was one of the early settlers of Jones County. Mr. Moore was married to Eliza Barnhart, who survives him. He is survived by one son, Willis, a resident of Littleton, and two married daughters. Mr. Moore left Jones County about 12 years ago, but is very kindly remembered by a large circle of old time acquaintances. He went from here to Oklahoma and thence to Colorado.

Submitted by: John Ely
Source: Monticello Express, 22 August 1912

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