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Thomas Mulvihill
Stricken While at Work in the Field

Thomas Mulvihill 63 years old, was stricken by death while working in the field on the Duffy farm in Temple Hill at about 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. He was engaged in harrowing and only a moment before had spoken to one of the Duffy boys about the work and then drove on a little and dropped down. When Mr. Duffy reached him, life was extinct. He had an attack about two weeks ago and had apparently recovered.
Mr. Mulvihill was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mulvihill and was born in Washington township sixty-three years ago last November and lived all of his lifetime in that community. He held a sale during the past winter with the intention of retiring from farming. During the past week or two he had a bad cold and cough, a prevailing epidemic and very severe in character. This might have had a serious effect upon the heart, as otherwise Mr. Mulvihill had the appearance of being a strong and rugged man. He was a good-natured, genial man, whom everybody liked and his death is a shock to his many friends throughout the community where he spent his lifetime.
His mother, Ann Mulvihill, who died in February, 1925, had lived to the age of 85 years. He is survived by the following sisters: Mrs. Michael Hughes, Mrs. Agnes Foulkes, Mrs. Kate Moran, Mrs. Jane Duffy, Mrs. Margaret Duffy and brothers, William and Bernard.
The funeral was held at 9 o'clock this morning at St Peter's chursh, Temple Hill. Rev. J. Hehir officiating.

Submitted by: Joanne Wilken
Source: Cascade Pioneer, 29 April 1926

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