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Margaret Murray O'Hara
July 1831–November 12, 1894
On Monday, Nov 12th, 1894, occurred the death of Mrs. Margaret O'Hara, relict of the late John O'Hara, at the old homestead near this place, which had witnessed the scenes of her sunshine and sorrow for a full quarter of a century.
The subject of this sketch was ushered into God's sunlight in the county of Roscommon, Ireland, in July 1831, and her girlhood days were spent in the "Isle of the 'Saints," where was to be molded the unselfish character that was to be developed and shine with a lustre of God's own light in a continent beyond the sea.
In her infancy the imprint of a supreme Master was left deeply on her soul, and nature in her generous seed supplied the rest, and the innocent Margaret Murray developed to woman, noble, generous and kind, and ever full of charity. "The charity of Christ urgeth us," was happily exemplified here.
Coming to this country in 1847, and landing in Philadelphia, she afterwards met and married the companion of her childhood days, John O'Hara, who preceded her nearly a score of years to the unknown beyond. With the tide of emigration she and her companions removed to Iowa locating at Wyoming, at a time when frontier life here was in its infancy, and here was soon to be made a record, rarely achieved, and never but by one of those noblest of noble women, a true mother.
The mother was early to be left a widow with a large family, when her trials came, as they come only to the fatherless homes of limited means, but her Christian fortitude, and heroism, made her equal to every peril, buoyed her for every new trial and emergency, until she merited a happy home, an enviable reputation and we hope the reward of heaven. "Chieftest as first, the kindest, truest, best of mothers, whose gentle, firm prudence never has slept." The years of her useful life, as they reached on, and gently silvered her once raven tresses, were profitable in golden treasure, and precious in the sight of Him in whom rested her fullest trust, and who records our minutest action for they were pregnant with the fragrance of flowers that blossom and never wither in the Garden of a Christian life. She was consoled in her last moments by the presence of her children and many dear friends, and by the last rites of the church of which she was ever a faithful child. Deceased is survived by four daughters, Mrs. P.F. Kelley of Omaha, Mrs. T.S. Flannigan of Des Moines and Misses Nellie and Maggie at home; and three sons: M.C. O'Hara and T.S. O'Hara of Davenport and John O'Hara at home.
There were present at the funeral from a distance Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Hogdon, Tom Breheny and his mother of Rock Island, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Flannigan of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. O'Hara and T.S. O'Hara of Davenport, Mrs. P.F. Kelly of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. P. Murray of Carroll, John Gorman and daughter, Miss Celia, T. Hansen and wife and son John, of Anamosa, Ed Ryan and sister, Miss Mayme De Witt, John Foley and wife, Delmar and John Murray of Cedar Rapids.

Submitted by: Mary Kay Kuhfittig.
Source: Wyoming Journal, 22 Nov 1894

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