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Louis David Osborne
June 17, 1858–September 3, 1942
Louis David Osborne, eldest son of David and Anna Osborne, was bom in Cass Township, Jones County, Iowa on June 17, 1858. He was one of seven children of this sturdy pioneer couple, who came to Iowa from New England in 1855 and, by rigorous industry, accumulated some 600 acres of the best farm land in North Cass and maintained what was considered for many years the finest home in the township as well as one of the most hospitable.
As a youth, Mr. Osborne attended the Hazel Knoll academy conducted by Mrs. Charles Frances Springer and situated at the North East edge of Anamosa. Among his treasured possessions are many momentos of his teacher's appreciation of his integrity and sterling character. He also attended the Anamosa High School.
He and his only brother Wm. Osborne engaged in the grain and livestock business for many years, and were credited with doing the largest annual shipping of these commodities from this part of the country as evidenced in frequent train loads to the Eastern markets. Osborne Brothers was noted for their truthfulness and veracity in business and for their liberal financial contributions to all projects for the growth and progress of Anamosa in those earlier days.
On October 15, 1893 he was united in marriage to Fannie M. Bedell of Anamosa. To them were born two daughters, one passing in infancy, and Genevieve, now Mrs. Arthur M. Baun together with one little granddaughter, Constance, who remain of his family. Also one son-in-law, Arthur Baun survives.
In later years he engaged in the real estate business and was local assessor for 14 years.
He passed through visissitudes and human disappointments with characteristic courage, and was ever loyal and faithful to his highest sense of right. He was a true and kindly husband and father who leaves his loved ones a host of memories of daily deeds well done. He loved little children, and they loved him as was evidenced in the many inquiries of neighborhood children for his welfore during the past few weeks.
He played no studied part nor sought wordly applause, but did his duty as he saw it from day to day and from hour to hour. His home and family were the center of his universe.
Funeral Services
Services were conducted by Miss Adah Toogood, C.S. at the Beam & Miller Chapel on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Honarary Pallbearers were William Hale, James E. Remley, Harper Smythe, Roy Lawrence, William J. Fisher and N. A. Hanson. Interment was made in the family lot at Riverside Cemetery.
Out of town relatives and friends attending the services in eluded: Mrs. Frances S. Osborne of Chicago, Mrs. T. W. Troy, Mrs. J. M. Young, Mrs. Nellie R. Willis, Mrs. Marcella Young, George H. Bedell, all of Cedar Rapids; Mr. Peryle H. Vallerman and Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Harris of Marahalltown; Mrs. Howard Clink, Ned Winskill and Mrs. S. Waldman of Madison, Wis; Mr. Edward J. Baun of Des Plaines, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. John Zeri and: John and Otto Braun of Dubuque; J. M. Lamey of Belmont and Mrs. Harriet Lamey of Onslow. Anamosa Eureka, September 10, 1942

Source: Anamosa Eureka, September 10, 1942

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