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Henry Paul
Died---In Wyoming Township, this county, Jan 21st, Henry Paul, Sr., in his 78th year.

He was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, in the year 1793. After the death of his father, the mother and eight children moved to Columbiana Co., Ohio, to begin a life of toil and hardship in the woods. He resided there until 17 years ago, when he came to this township along with some of his family, part of which preceded and part followed, subsequently. Here he was surrounded by his children and friends, diffusing by precept and example those cardinal principles which were the basis of his character, viz: Religion, virtue and good will to all men.
In his dual marital relations no man has been more blessed. In both marriages the holy and true bond of union was blended in love, affection and sympathy. The result of the first was eight children, seven still living. The second, a union of two families; cemented by the same feelings and principles that bound the parents, and will likely continue down the journey of life by riveting and blessing the unions of both mothers and father.
He began the life struggles in the primitive forests. Many a "monarch of the forest" trembled and fell by his sturdy stroke; helped to erect many a comfortable house for others, but acquired little, and that slowly for his own. Never craved riches or wealth but had a desire for a fair competency independence, and provision for old age; leaving a far higher, richer, nobler legacy: a holy virtuous life to imitate and practice.
One strong element in him was the love of his country. Being the son of a revolutionary soldier, listening to the tales and stories of one he revered who had passed through the whole "War of Independence", instilled into his young mind those feelings and principles which went with him to the War of 1812, and from him to dear son, Benjamin, who lost his life in the late war.
Here we have the history, rise progress and success of our loved country, in the life of this family in miniature.
The strongest element in his soul was the religious. He cared not for sect, creed, dogma, or such. He recognized good in all who worshipped God in sincerity and truth; had faith in the redeeming blood of Christ, and loved his neighbor as himself. To these he would pour out his soul in friendly christian intercourse and confidence; in his quiet, unobtrusive way, encouraging the timid and backward, aiding the more advanced in the right path, having charity for the weak, the erring, the careless, and with humility and reverence commending the way of Heaven to men—
"Heaving a sigh, dropping a tear, for his own and others' feelings. Here is a life for us all to imitate."

Submitted by: Richard Paul
Source: Wyoming Journal.

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