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Stephen Herman Sheridan
July 1867–June 8, 1927
Death claimed Stephen Henry* Sheridan, a life long resident of Richland Township, Jones County, who died at the family homestead in that township at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, June 8, 1927, and the immediate cause of death was hardening of the arteries. His closing days were tenderly attended by the devotion of his sisters.
Mr. Sheridan was born on the Sheridan homestead in July 1867, and all of his life was spent in the home of his birth. He was the son of James Sheridan and Rosanna Boyle Sheridan. He was a brother of the late Thomas W. Sheridan, who died a year or two ago.
The funeral took place Friday June 10, at St. Peter's church. Temple Hill. Rev. John Hehir officiating.
The pallbearers were Eugene Fagan, Jr., Robert Martin, Sr., William Martin, Gerald Hamil, William McDonald, George Klinkner, John Koppes and George Rogers, Sr.

Submitted by: John Sheridan
Source: Unidentified newspaper.
Note: The obit had "Stephen Herman" in the title and "Stephen Henry" in the first line. John Sheridan says he believes "Herman" is correct.

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