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Lauretta C. Supple Conlin
December 4, 1907–July 24, 1934
This community was saddened Tuesday evening to learn of the death of a charming young woman. Mrs. Eldon R Conlin of Chicago, who expired that afternoonat 4:45 o'clock. Mrs. Conlin had been ill for the past two years but seemed on the road to recovery when she and her husband returned here during the Centennial to visit with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. John Supple of Temple Hill. July 5th she suffered a set-back, the malignancy of the ailment forewent any recovery and following several weeks of critical illness at the home of her parents, she was removed to Mercy Hospital, Dubuque, where she quietly passed away as aforementioned.
Mrs. Conlin was a young woman presumably in the prime of life who enjoyed a large friendship each of whom, together with those so near and dear to her, sincerely and deeply mourn her demise. As a young girl she was popularly known in this community for her winning personality and happy disposition. She died fortified by the last rites of the Catholic church which religion she embraced throughout her life.
Lauretta C Supple, the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Supple, was born December 4, 1907 at Temple Hill on the family homestead. She was married to Eldon R Conlin at Chicago on December 4, 1929 where the young people have lived and where Mr. Conlin practices his profession as a mortician.
She is survived by her husband and parents and five sisters and three brothers: Sally, Agnes, Lucille, Alberta, Virginia, Louis, Len and Bernard. William, another brother, preceded her in death.
Funeral services will be held from the home in Temple Hill to St. Peter's church Friday morning. Rev. J. J. Hehir, pastor of St Peter's, will officiate.

Submitted by: Joanne Wilken
Source: Cascade Pioneer, 26 July 1934.

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