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Tobiason/Tobiassen Children
Diptheria's Ravage 1893
MONTICELLO, July 1—Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tobiason of Wayne township, have just lost their third child from that dread disease, diphtheria. A strict quarantine is being enforced by the township trustees, and it is hoped to prevent a spread of the disease. It is supposed the source of the disease was a polluted well.

Submitted by: Sharon Oltmanns
Source: The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Saturday, July 1, 1893.
Note: These were children of Bernhard Hinrich and Anke Hayen Tobiason/Tobiassen: Elise Margaretha Tobiason, born 28 April 1883, died 25 May 1893, buried 27 May 1893 in Wayne Cemetery; Maria Tobiason, born 04 March 1886, died 23 June 1893, buried 24 June 1893 in Wayne Cemetery; and, Johann Heinrich Tobiason, born 24 December 1888, died 17 June 1893, buried 18 June 1893 in Wayne Cemetery.

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