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Henry Tobiason
December 3, 1839–July 13, 1891
Mr. Henry Tobiason of Wayne Township is Killed by a Fall
While stowing hay away in his barn last Monday afternoon, Mr. Henry Tobiason fell from the mow and received injuries which resulted in his death seven hours later. The mow had been built up to the height of ten feet. About half way up that distance on the edge of the mow was an iron peg or pin which was fastened into a cross piece and protruded some distances. In a manner unknown Mr. Tobiason missed his footing and fell a distance of five feet striking on the iron pin which produced a contusion of the liver. The fall upon the pin turned his body and he fell to the floor striking his head upon some hard obstruction. Assistance was at hand at once. Mr. Tobiason was in a dazed condition but called for cold water, at the same time that he would be all right shortly. He was able to assist himself somewhat when taken to the house. A messenger was immediately dispatched for Dr. Russell, the family physician. Dr. Russell was not at home and Dr. Mirick was hurried out who reached the injured man in less than an hour after the accident. He found Mr. Tobiason in a state of collapse with but a slight perception of pulse. His stomach refused to retain any stimulants and they were injected hyperdermically. Under their influence he rallied sufficiently to answer a few questions concerning his pains. Dr. Russell arrive later and the two physicians labored with the injured man, doing everything that they could to sustain life. But there was a concussion of the brain which was more serious in its symptoms and results than the injury to the liver, and the unfortunate man died five minutes before eleven o'clock.
Mr. Henry Tobiason was born at Marx, in the Provinces of Hanover, Germany in 1840. Thirty three years ago he came to America and lived for five years in Illinois. The remainder of that period was spent in Jones county where amassed a comfortable fortune. At the time of his death he was the owner of a finely improved farm of 400 acres which was heavily stocked. Mr. Tobiason was three times married. His first wife was Anna Rickels by whom he had two children, both of whom are now married. One of them being Mrs. Andrew Kasper of Richland township and the other Mrs. Fritz Zimmerman of Castle Grove. After the death of his first wife he was married to Catherine Ricklefs. Seven children were born unto them, four of whom are living. He lost his second wife a number of years ago and was married last February to Mrs. Johanna Zimmerman who survives him.
The deceased was a man of integrity and high character. The esteem in which he is held was well marked at his funeral where more than seventy-five conveyances were in line. The funeral services were conducted yesterday by Rev. Mardorf.

Submitted by: Sharon Oltmanns
Source: The Monticello Express, Monticello, Iowa, July 1891

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