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Liona Levisa Walbridge Harrison
March 21, 1869–April 21, 1924
Mrs. E. W. Harrison
Lifelong Resident Passes

Liona Levisa Walbridge Harrison was born in Cass Township, Jones County, Iowa, March 21, 1869, and died at Mercy Hospital, Anamosa, April 21, 1924, aged 55 years and one month. She was the daughter of Warren W. and Eliza Walbridge. When a young girl, she moved with her parents to the vicinity of Fairview. Here, April 11, 1886 she was married to Ernest Wyant Harrison. After marriage, Mr. & Mrs. Harrison continued to live in the vicinity of Fairview until the year 1893 when they removed to Anamosa which was afterward their home. There were born to them eight children: Ernest of Chicago, Warren W., Maisie, now Mrs. Templin of Waterloo, Ralph of Anamosa, Edith Marvel, Marguerite, now Mrs. Ballou of Chicago, Mildred, now Mrs. Kidwell of Waterloo, and Marian of Anamosa. Two of the children, Warren W. and Edith Marvel, preceded their mother to the other shore. The others, together with the husband and two sisters, Mrs. Carrie Bowers and Mrs. Addie Dixon, both of Anamosa, and the grandchildren survive her.
Mrs. Harrison united with the Baptist church of Fairview shortly before her marriage, remaining a faithful member of that church until it disbanded. She united with the Congregational Church of Anamosa about the year 1906, retaining her membership with that church until the end. She was also a member of the Royal Neighbors. She was appointed overseer for the poor in Anamosa about five years ago and continued in that position until the time of her death. She performed her duties in this connection in no perfunctory fashion but with sympathy and compassion, giving unsparingly of her time and energy to the task. She was fond of the outdoors, loving birds and flowers, and instilled a love of nature in her children. And it goes without saying that she was a devoted mother and wife and gave herself ungrudgingly to the ministries of the home. She lived unselfishly, finding joy in the service of her friends and loved ones. She wished very much to live long enough to see her youngest daughter, Marian, graduated from the high school next month. But this privilege was denied her for her own graduation from the great school of life came first. Faithful during all her days to those whom God had given into her keeping, she hears now his "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord."

Submitted by: Richard Harrison, her great-grandson
Source: Anamosa Eureka, April 1924.

Liona Levisa Walbridge with daughter-in-law Pauline Basner Harrison, ca. 1917.

Liona Levisa Walbridge holding grandson Benjamin Andrew Harrison and Ernest Wyant Harrison holding grandson Ernest Justin Templin, ca. 1919.

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