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This database of the 381 patents issued to Jones county residents was gathered by Jim Christianson from the State Library of Iowa website.

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Hemp Brake
by John T. Gilman

Sugar Evaporator
by James High

Tire Bender
by Joseph Tomlinson

Design for a Pin
by Roy Kleineck

Denture Cleaner
by Brian James

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581882Fagan, Lewis E.Onslowequalizing device for windmills4 May 1897
648102Fagan, Lewis E.Onslowdraft equalizer24 Apr 1900
1653353Farmer, Guy E.Anamosaice cream gun20 Dec 1927
818946Flowers, Isaac Martelletime controlling mechanism for pumps24 Apr 1906
680376Forsythe, James Onslowexpansion drill13 Aug 1901
1285666Franklin, Ray W.Monticelloswitch for elevated carriers26 Nov 1918
1301417Franklin, Ray W.Monticelloconnecting device22 Apr 1919
1317695Franklin, Ray W.Monticellorail and cable connection7 Oct 1919
1322686Franklin, Ray W.Monticellostanchion25 Nov 1919
641586French, Carl E.Monticellocombined clothes reel and tent16 Jan 1900
641586French, Oscar D.Monticellocombined clothes reel and tent16 Jan 1900
800368Frutchey, Lydia Martellemitten26 Sep 1905
2234524Fulwider, Forest L.Anamosachurn support11 Mar 1941
5788307Gilbert, Louis A.Anamosapickup body protection apparatus4 Aug 1998
5944372Gilbert, Louis A.Anamosapickup body protection apparatus31 Aug 1999
42847Gillman, John T.Walnut Forkhemp brake24 May 1864
304522Glaser, John C.Monticellotrace-carrier2 Sep 1884
4888937Glenn, Willis H.Olinapparatus for bagging hay bales26 Dec 1989
941874Gorman, Grover M.Anamosacorn planter30 Nov 1909
147632Graham, David Anamosawashing machine17 Feb 1874
1096905Griffith, John C.Anamosacement block molding machine19 May 1914
44088Hadley, R. S.Anamosawater wheel6 Sep 1864
317768Hakes, Frank M.Martelleharrow12 May 1885
1167295Hall, John S.Monticellopulley block4 Jan 1916
1500315Hall, Nelson C.Olintool8 Jul 1924
1558981Hall, Thomas C.Anamosacuspidor27 Oct 1925
178435Hannan, Joseph Jones Cohog trough6 Jun 1876
178435Hannan, Joseph Jones Cohog trough6 Jun 1876
1045704Hansell, Marcus E.Anamosafurnace grate26 Nov 1912
1207751Hansell, Marcus E.Anamosagrate bar12 Dec 1916
1134968Hanson, Bennie P.Monticelloneck yoke6 Apr 1915
1134969Hanson, Bennie P.Monticellotongue construction6 Apr 1915
1137712Hanson, Bennie P.Monticellowhiffletree27 Apr 1915
6351464Hanson, Joel K.Anamosavirtual second line hybrid network communication system26 Feb 2002
6393017Hanson, Joel K.Anamosavirtual pbx system21 May 2002
6535585Hanson, Joel Anamosasystem and method for notification upon successful message delivery18 Mar 2003
6697474Hanson, Joel Anamosasystems and methods for receiving telephone calls via instant messaging24 Feb 2004
6766001Hanson, Joel Anamosaprocess and apparatus for messaging upon incomplete call20 Jul 2004
6775272Hanson, Joel K.Anamosavirtual pbx system10 Aug 2004
6868074Hanson, Joel Anamosamobile data device and method of locating mobile data device15 Mar 2005
247053Harris, Nathaniel F.Monticellocan13 Sep 1881
164554Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingbridle bit15 Jun 1875
180762Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingtrace fastening8 Aug 1876
215919Hartson, LaFayette Wyominggrain steamer and drier27 May 1879
254311Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingbuckle attachment for straps28 Feb 1882
281870Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingharness buckle and loop24 Jul 1883
303372Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingcrupper former and stretcher12 Aug 1884
336313Hartson, LaFayette Wyomingwear plate for harness16 Feb 1886
2023835Heiken, Carl G.Anamosaelectrified stock hurdle10 Dec 1935
437199Heisey, John H.Monticellocan handle30 Sep 1890
606760Heisey, John H.Monticellowire stretcher5 Jul 1898
745013Heisey, John H.Monticellowire stretcher24 Nov 1903
836379Helsey, John H.Monticellowire stretcher20 Nov 1906
384205Henry, Charles A.Monticellohay loader5 Jun 1888
488561Henry, Charles A.Monticellohay loader27 Dec 1892
40934High, James Walnut Forksugar evaporator15 Dec 1863
672768Hine, Thomas W.Scotch Grovenut lock23 Apr 1901
507070Hines, Thomas O.Jackson Township, Jones Cobeehive17 Oct 1893
1047222Hoag, Ray C.Monticelloduster17 Dec 1912
2416585Holub, Arthur E.Wyomingreel for barbed wire25 Feb 1947
514369Husmann, John Scotch Grovedevice for attaching hay loaders to wagons6 Feb 1894
514369Husmann, Tobe Scotch Grovedevice for attaching hay loaders to wagaons6 Feb 1894
D337163James, Brian Monticelloultrasonic denture cleaner for household use6 Jul 1993
6243277Jenkins, Daniel E.Anamosabi-directional dc to dc converter for energy storage applications5 Jun 2001
1137977Jenney, Robert T.Monticellovehicle tongue draft appliance4 May 1915
1184960Jenney, Robert T.Monticellowagon end gate30 May 1916
1214039Jenney, Robert T.Monticellomeans for operating driven mechanisms30 Jan 1917
1251040Jenney, Robert T.Monticelloknee protector25 Dec 1917
2472080Jordan, William D.Anamosabarrel contracting tool7 Jun 1949
3481061Julin, William N.Monticelloself opening greeting cards2 Dec 1969
3688228Karge, Joseph R.Anamosaactuating mechanism for operating handle of electrical switching device29 Aug 1972
3794943Karge, Joseph R.Anamosamotor driven actuating mechanism for a pivotable operating handle of an electrical control device26 Feb 1974
296180Kersten, Marzell Garfieldmetallic tag1 Apr 1884
347180Kersten, Marzell Oxford Junctionseal lock10 Aug 1886
992778Ketcham, George G.Anamosawagon hay rack23 May 1911
396659Ketcham, James H.Anamosaditching spade22 Jan 1889
396659Ketcham, John E.Anamosaditching spade22 Jan 1889
396659Ketcham, Squire E.Anamosaditching spade22 Jan 1889
353032Kimball, Charles E.Anamosavalve gear23 Nov 1886
164743Kimball, John M.Wyominghog trap22 Jun 1875
1118021Klein, Hans Olinbrake24 Nov 1914
1380215Kleineck, Roy J.Oxford Junctiontire chain31 May 1921
1445598Kleineck, Roy J.Oxford Junctiontire chain, hook, and tightener13 Feb 1923
D136020Kleineck, Roy J.Onslowdesign for a pin or similar article30 Jul 1943
4591109Kremer, Stephen H.Monticellowire dispensing multi-spool protective holder27 May 1986
3849012Krous, Theodore Monticellobuilding structure fastener19 Nov 1974
169009Krouse, John G.Onslowhay raker and loader19 Oct 1875
1225651Krouse, William G.Wyomingengine supporting device8 May 1917
1230174Krouse, William G.Wyomingspark retarder for Ford engines19 Jun 1917
358400Kuhlman, Joseph F.Anamosawashing machine22 Feb 1887
378138Kuhlman, Joseph F.Anamosawashing machine21 Feb 1888
3116618Lacey, Floyd S.Onslowslip clutch7 Jan 1964
537834Lake, George W.Monticelloweather strip23 Apr 1895
1251040Langer, Rudolph J.Monticelloknee protector25 Dec 1917
1371175Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellobasket handle8 Mar 1921
1371175Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellobasket handle8 Mar 1921
1413410Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellofeed trough for animal pens18 Apr 1922
1621209Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellostanchion15 Mar 1927
1621210Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellostop bar15 Mar 1927
1698759Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellohandle bar for implements15 Jan 1929
1752095Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellostanchion25 Mar 1930
1806473Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellowatering bowl19 May 1931
1889204Langer, Rudolph J.Monticelloclevis29 Nov 1932
1895165Langer, Rudolph J.Monticellofence post brace24 Jan 1933







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