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This database of the 381 patents issued to Jones county residents was gathered by Jim Christianson from the State Library of Iowa website.

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Hemp Brake
by John T. Gilman

Sugar Evaporator
by James High

Tire Bender
by Joseph Tomlinson

Design for a Pin
by Roy Kleineck

Denture Cleaner
by Brian James

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5986559Larson, Tad D.Anamosainfinitely adjustable position sensor with visual confirmation16 Nov 1999
6003387Larson, Tad D.Anamosaflow sensor for use on crop harvesting having two arms and a middle integrated portion extending in the flow path21 Dec 1999
356541Lasack, Adolf Oxford Junctionhay loader25 Jan 1887
404096Lasack, Adolph Oxford Junctionhay loader28 May 1889
428844Lasack, Adolph Oxford Junctionhay loader27 May 1890
453492Lasack, Adolph Oxford Junctionhay loader2 Jun 1891
453492Lasack, Albert Oxford Junctionhay loader2 Jun 1891
1209309Lathrop, James H.Oxford Junctionstock waterer19 Dec 1916
802868Laude, William H.Monticellorivet cutter24 Oct 1905
1018064Laude, William H.Monticellosod cutter20 Feb 1912
714493Lawrence, Joseph O.Monticellocultivator25 Nov 1902
4342406Lee, Gerry A.Olindispenser flow proportioning device3 Aug 1982
1417845Leesekamp, Andrew Anamosacask cover30 May 1922
1113451Levasseur, Clement C.Martellerural mail delivery apparatus13 Oct 1914
380211Levasseur, John E.Monticellobutter can27 Mar 1888
403054Levasseur, John E.Monticellobutter can7 May 1889
241033Lewis, Alexander Monticellodevice for skimming milk3 May 1881
294644Liddy, Dennis H.Monticellocoupling plate for whiffletrees4 Mar 1884
153580Linnell, J. M.Monticellosawing machines28 Jul 1874
203169Lunger, William W.Anamosanut lock30 Apr 1878
205110Lunger, William W.Anamosaclip for neck yokes18 Jun 1878
37698Luther, Jacob Walnut Forkwater wheel17 Feb 1863
2885097Lyon, Donald G.Monticelloautomatic pallet loader5 May 1959
3022905Lyon, Donald G.Monticellounloader apparatus for stacked articles or the like27 Feb 1962
354562Matthews, Cyrus Anamosabread toaster21 Dec 1886
1012393Matthews, John H.Monticellowire stretcher19 Dec 1911
1095997Matthews, John H.Monticellowoven wire clamp5 May 1914
5425305Mauritz, Forrest Monticellohydraulic cylinder piston with center flow bypass valve20 Jun 1995
6170383Mauritz, Forrest Monticellopiston bypass valve9 Jan 2001
44642McClure, B. W.Wyominghorse collar block11 Oct 1864
88400McClure, B. W.Wyominghorse collar30 Mar 1869
206119McGinty, Edward H.Center Junctioncar coupling16 Jul 1878
3132833McLaughlin, James N.Monticellojack12 May 1964
3167055McLaughlin, James N.Monticelloanimal actuated insecticide applicator26 Jan 1965
206119Mead, Francis Center Junctioncar coupling16 Jul 1878
2942835Meyer, Lester E.Olinautomatic weigher for cattle feed28 Jun 1960
2942836Meyer, Lester ErnestOlinautomatic weigher for cattle feed and the like28 Jun 1960
1320887Michels, Charles Sr.Anamosachimney cleaner and safety device4 Nov 1919
308783Milne, Hector A.Monticellocapstan for stump extractors2 Dec 1884
308783Milne, James J.J.Monticellocapstan for stump extractors2 Dec 1884
330722Milne, James Scotch Grovedevice for coupling rope17 Nov 1885
474675Milne, James Scotch Groverope hook10 May 1892
475333Milne, James Scotch Grovestump puller24 May 1892
330722Milne, Joseph J.Scotch Grovedevice for coupling rope17 Nov 1885
1275070Moncrief, Sherman Center Junctionbroom holder6 Aug 1918
1195492Moore, V. CharlesMonticelloenvelop22 Aug 1916
1113451Morris, Daniel M.Martellerural mail delivery apparatus13 Oct 1914
1379712Munkel, Walter G.Anamosaflush tank and flush valve therefor31 May 1921
1451430Munkel, Walter G.Anamosatoilet hopper10 Apr 1923
946765Myers, Josiah Anamosamop ringer18 Jan 1910
333363Nash, Amasa W.Garfieldspring bed29 Dec 1885
744094Netcott, George A.Monticellofire escape17 Nov 1903
1173456Neumann, John F.Anamosatarget29 Feb 1916
772251NIchols, John H.Anamosaflue stop11 Oct 1904
82341Nicholson, J. S.Anamosaclothes press22 Sep 1868
4499908Niehaus, Frederick D.Martellecombine concave structure19 Feb 1985
3336786Norlin, Carmen L.Monticellobicycle repair tool22 Aug 1967
437199Oliver, Thomas Monticellocan handle30 Sep 1890
450107Oliver, Thomas Monticellotype writing machine7 Apr 1891
3866756Oltman, Fay W.Anamosapen stand18 Feb 1975
3856420Oltmann, Fay W.Anamosaextended life pen24 Dec 1974
153013Page, Dexter Monticelloearth augers14 Jul 1874
1117081Parker, Frank L.Anamosarerailing device10 Nov 1914
2599935Pasker, Gerald J.Monticellohydraulic line coupling10 Jun 1952
2849255Pasker, Gerald J.Monticellohoist mechanism for dump trucks26 Aug 1958
3236189Pasker, Gerald J.Monticellovariable delivery piston pump22 Feb 1966
447199Paul, Lawrence H.Wyomingreturn pulley24 Feb 1891
4502414Paulsen, Nick E.Center Junctionfarrowing pen5 Mar 1985
1457265Peck, Leland E.Wyomingpress29 May 1923
1241145Peet, Truman J.Monticellocrimping machine25 Sep 1917
1610582Pegariek, George Oxford Junctionhay wagon14 Dec 1926
1546507Pegorik, Anthony Oxford Junctionpump attachment21 Jul 1925
245973Pelton, Phineas Martellecar coupling23 Aug 1881
382007Pierce, Charles Monticellobelt tightener1 May 1888
25671Pierce, Seneca Castle Grovetanning composition4 Oct 1859
611354Podhaski, Frank M.Monticellovending machine27 Sep 1898
373305Quigley, William F.Anamosafelt boot15 Nov 1887
197663Quinby, Levi C.Monticellofeather renovator27 Nov 1877
208635Quinby, Levi C.Monticellometallic harness loop1 Oct 1878
250350Quinby, Levi C.Monticellobosom board6 Dec 1881
622538Rice, Samuel J.Scotch Grovestock rack for platform scales4 Apr 1899
5632153Ricklefs, Raymond E.Anamosasystem and process for cleansing brine in a food-chilling circuit27 May 1997
5331919Root, John Anamosamedication scheduling device26 Jul 1994
118975Ross, Oliver B.Bowen’s Prairiegrain binder12 Sep 1871
201838Ross, Oliver B.Monticellogang cheese press26 Mar 1878
5878995Rundle, Paul E.Wyominglifting device for concrete mixer vehicle drum9 Mar 1999
1492483Ryan, Charles W.Anamosaroof bracket29 Apr 1924
210150Rynerson, Robert A.Bowen’s Prairiecombined land roller and clod crusher19 Nov 1878
88416Sackett, Matthew Monticellobroadcast seeder30 Mar 1869
640594Sanford, Delano Scotch Grovecrank wheel2 Jan 1900
6161650Sauser, Edwin J.Monticellolubricating system for a vibratory apparatus19 Dec 2000
107294Sawyer, Eli Madisonmarking attachment to corn planters13 Sep 1870
4165184Schlarmann, Philip J.Scotch Groveapparatus for asphaltic concrete hot mix recycling21 Aug 1979
4318619Schlarmann, Philip J.Scotch Grovemethod of and apparatus for asphaltic concrete hot mix recycling9 Mar 1982
1244904Scott, Addie G.Anamosaautomobile garment30 Oct 1917
196543Scriven, Oliver G.Langworthymilking stool30 Oct 1877
522622Sears, George Onslowpower shears10 Jul 1894
540275Sears, George Onslowcombined punching, shearing, and tire upsetting machine4 Jun 1895
643167Sears, George Onslowcombined punching, shearing, and plow welding machine13 Feb 1900
721841Sears, William T.Onslowmetal working machine3 Mar 1903
900213Sears, William T.Onslowcutting, punching, and tire shrinking machine6 Oct 1908







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