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Anamosa High School
1908 Yearbook
This 1908 yearbook from Anamosa High School was scanned and sent to me by Becky Dirks-Haugsted. You can click on the thumbnails for enlargements of the type and photos. There is no key for the class photos. Perhaps you can put some names and faces together and send along the information.


Class Colors

Dedication; Annual Staff

School Song

F. C. Popham, Superintendent; Dora Gladson, Supervisor of Music and Drawing

Agnes Hutchinson, Latin and German; Inez Christie, Mathematics, Botany; Harriet Cunningham, Principal, Teacher of English; Emily F. Gordon, Latin and German (Resigned Dec. 1907)

Our High School

A Few Clippings from a School Paper

Class of 1908 (Seniors) Florence Althen, Earl Barker, Claus Barnes, Mary Baum, Nellie Belknap, Ruby Bodenhoffer, Reva Crow, John Fegan, Alice Foarde, Earl Fisher, Catharine Gavin, Loretta Gorman, Olive Gould, Ben Griffith, Maysie Griffith, Eunice Loggie, Vincent McGreevey, Mae Robertson, Sala Schoonover, Mary Strickel.

Who's Who of the Seniors

Class or 1909 (Juniors) Carl Barnes, Helen Baum, Mae Birk, Glada Breed, Dolores Burns, Nellie Dearborn, Irene Ellis, Rolland Ellison, Charles Fairbanks, Agnes Foarde, Ross Fife, Alfrieda Gorman, Elva Hoffman, Agnes Holmquest, Harry Howard, Ralph Hunnicut, Lena Johnson, Mary McBride, Bessie Meeks, Jetta Mosher, Park Ogden, Leigh Pearson, Alnora Peet, Marguerite Sampica, Bessie Soper, Arthur Simpson, Stanley Streeter, Ethel Thomas.

Who's Who of the Juniors

Class of 1910 (Sophomores) Grace Byerly, Cora Christian, Cladys Crawford, Alice Dearborn, Edward Foardy, Helen Hiltrap, Maude Hay, Anna Howe, Anna Johnston, Hubert McGuire, Oscar Miller, Ray Mills, Helen Mitchell, Bonnie Mosher, Will Parsons, Florence Peet, Mary Petcina, Eleanor Peterson, Isabelle Sampica, Florence Sanderson, Ethel Scroffs, Leslie Smith, Mabel Sones, Lee Van Kirk, Caroline Walderback.

Class of 1911 (Freshmen) Nellie Buckner, Frank Bedell, Ruth Bray, Bessie Biggart, Cash Beam, Grace Day, Loretta Foarde, John Foarde, Stephen Fuller, Edith Glick, Mabel Grimm, Raymond Gorman, Wallace Gmehle, Leola Hayden, Kelsey Hanna, Belle Johnson, Ruby Johnson, Chloe Leaper, Bess McBride, Inez Merritt, Walter Miller, Jennie McGovern, Eugene Porter, Vera Potter, Edna Patterson, Pauline Quigley, Mary Robertson, Wilbur Soper, Calista Sexton, Ruth Scroggs, Wynema Trump.

Romance of Anamoso

Romance, continued

Romance, continued; Alumni

Junior Roll Call; A Junior's Creed

The Debating Society; In Memorium

Debating Society, Alnora Peet, Park Ogden, Will Parsons, Ray Mills

Alpha Literary Society; The High School Glee Club

The Tribe of 1908

The Turquoise and Old Gold

Our Victories; Junior "Blow Out"; Sophomore Class

The Freshmen┬ŚClass of 1911; A Few Ideas of Heaven

Victory; History of Athletics in the Anamosa High School

Athletics, continued

Girl's Basket Ball

Boy's Basket Ball

Track Athletes

Do You Know?


Our Editor-in-Chief; Laugh and the World Laughs with You

Laugh, continued

Some Characteristic Remarks; Songs

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