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Anamosa High School
Anamosa High School—Old & "New" Mary Kay Kuhfittig sent in this photo and says, "The building in front, partially obscured by trees, is the old Anamosa High School. In back is the "new" high school, which I think is now being used as a junior high. The old building has been torn down."
Early Photo of Anamosa High School.
Commencement Program from 1905. This is the year my grandfather, Ernest Benjamin Harrison, graduated...with honors!
1908 Anamosa High School Yearbook
1912 Anamosa High School Yearbook
Anamosa High School about 1912 This real photo post card was postmarked August 10, 1912 in Anamosa. It was mailed to Vernon Wright, Scotch Grove, Iowa. The message reads: "This is where I used to go to school, Vernon. It won't be long now till the grind begins again. Franc S."
Graduating Class of 1914
Graduating Class of 1919
Anamosa High School, 1930s This real photo post card doesn't show the building very well, but the car is sure neat! These are the same buildings as in the first photo from the opposite direction.

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