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Anamosa High School
Class of 1914*
This 1911 photograph from the Anamosa High School Yearbook was reproduced and sent to me by Bob Hildenbrandt. Can you help identify the people in it? The caption gives only last names. I've tried to identify a few and indicated them in bold. Am I right? E-mail me with more names.

*I originally labelled this photo "Class of 1911," but now I've seen the 1912 yearbook and most of the people in this photo are in the sophomore class photo there (Class of 1914). This photo is most likely the freshman class photo from the 1911 yearbook.

(Back Row) Day, Trump, Prentice, Bulah Byerly, b. March 1895, Burns, Jump, Roderick, Hartman, Ralph Harrison, b. Dec. 1894, Remley, Colton, Smith
(Row 2) Benton, Miller, Grimm, Pulver, Petersen, Waddell, Neville, Wolf, Tatner, Dearborn, Ethyl Snyder,1 Wiley
(Row 3) Aubrey, Beardsley, Paul M. Waggoner, b. Abt 1894, Metcalf, Baum, Metcalf, Pelton, Barnes, Hill, Thompson
(Front Row) Van Kirk, Fegan, McCullough, Rollin George Thomas,2 b. 1896, Daly, Beaman, Northrup, Brickley

1Anne Townsend reports: "Possible, row 2, next to the last (SNYDER) is Ethel, dau. of John and Anna Harvey Snyder. John & Anna lived in Fairview twp. Anamosa, Jones Co. IA. I have a news clipping of the family, probably dated later than the school picture, and the Ethel in the news clip strongly resembles the Snyder in the school picture."

2Emily Terrill writes "The THOMAS fourth from left in the front row is my father, Rollin George Thomas [1896-1972], son of George A. and Emily Fisher Thomas who farmed in the Forest Chapel area. He attended the one-room White School nearby, then Anamosa High School [rode his burro or pony to school, and in winter rented a room in Anamosa]. He became a 2nd Lt. in the Cavalry during WWI, was graduated from Cornell College at Mt. Vernon in 1919, then earned a Master's in 1922 and Ph.D. in 1930 from the University of Chicago School of Business. He married Dorothy Kurtz Erb [also an Anamosa H.S. graduate, daughter of B. F. Erb and older sister of Marion Erb Frazier] in 1925 after joining the faculty at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. He became a Professor of Economics there and retired from Purdue's Krannert Graduate School of Industrial Management in 1967. His textbooks Money & Banking and Our Modern Banking and Monetary System were widely used in universities across the country in the 1940s and '50s."


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