This enlargement of the post card (photo by G. E. Cook) on the previous page shows Conmey's Hardware, the drug store—at this time operated by H. E. Beam, Peet & Cox dry goods/grocery, the bank and, the last two-story building before the alley, Alderman and Williams Grocery. Built by Horace Metcalf in 1863, it later became "George E. Noble, the Boss Grocer." The three-story building beyond the alley is the Odd Fellows Hall. Built in 1860 by William T. Shaw and Horace C Metcalf, the first floor housed the Metcalf and Hollenbeck store, the second floor the Eureka Printing Office and the third floor the Odd Fellows. Justice of the Peace J. J. Dickinson and the Dubuque Western Railroad also had space in the building.

Next to the Odd Fellows was Anamosa Post Office building built in 1858 by Amos Peaslee. It was originally two stories with a third one added later. The last building shown, at the corner of Main and Garnavillo, is the Fisher House.